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Top 5 Luxury Brands to give you baby smooth radiant skin September 25, 2011




I’ve split this post into two versions : Luxury version which feature products from high-end luxury lines, and the Budget version for the lower-mid range brands! We all know that one of the major reasons why our skin feels smooth after applying cosmetics is the silicones that are contained in it! Therefore, the products I’ve chosen are based on the long-term effects of the products, and the skin texture even after washing your skin ( to prove that it’s not the silicones that are doing the job ). Feel free to share your favourite products that leaves your skin really smooth and radiant on the comments section below!


These are not reviews, the full reviews will be posted up soon!





1. SK-II


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence / SK-II Cellumination Mask In Lotion



SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is probably the most famous essence in Asia and has been loved by many. It really leaves your skin hydrated, smooth and is also known as ‘the miracle water’ by many Asians. The other product called the SK-II Cellumination Mask In Lotion was launched a few months back which also acts as a toner essence to give you the full effect of a ‘lotion mask’ without using a ‘lotion mask’ ! This product is really amazing, and fares better than the classic SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. It really gives your skin a boost – and makes it realllly soft and radiant– to the point that you’re gonna hear a ‘screech’ if you rub your hands on your face , a must try!







2. Sulwhasoo



Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Cream /

Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment




Both products does amazing things to your skin overnight. You’ll have smooooooth radiant skin when you wake up in the morning! Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng is concentrated. It’s up at number 1 on top of the ingredient list ( unlike Water which is usually the 1st ingredient in the ingredient list – but would u pay so much for water? ), therefore you know you’ve got your value for money. Can’t afford the Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Cream? Try the Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment which is just as good. Acutelobed Angelica and Pomegranate help brighten skin tone and Walnut and White Mulberry restore skin’s vitality by delivering essential nutrients.



Still don’t have the budget to try the Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment? Don’t worry, try Hannule Overnight Sleeping Pack which is from the same company that does Sulwhasoo – but more affordable. You can purchase it on Gmarket for about $30USD by typing 한율 고결진액 수면팩.




3. History Of Whoo




History Of Whoo Gongjinhyang Line /

History Of Whoo In Yang Sleeping Repair Mask




Sulwhasoo’s biggest competitor – History Of Whoo. Using the entire line will give you really soft, smooth radiant baby skin, probably the best line in giving you smooth baby skin. You’ll slowly notice how this line will change your entire skin texture! However, this line is definitely not suitable for those with oily skin. Don’t have the budget to try the entire line ? Try out the History Of Whoo In Yang Sleeping Repair Mask and you’ll achieve the same effect without having to try out the entire line!











OHUI Cell Power No1 Essence / OHUI Black Serum




OHUI Cell Power No.1 Essence is really one very under-rated serum by foreigners which seems to concentrate more on Sulwhasoo or History Of Whoo. The OHUI Cell Power No.1 Serum is one of OHUI’s bestsellers and star product, and is very well known in Korea. It uses highly concentrated patented ‘SC No.1’, LG’s unique key elements from recombinant epidermal stem cell medium and recombinant dermal stem cell medium.  Everything from the serum is a winner – it’s really light weight, absorbs super fast, and moisturizes your skin in seconds! Sometimes, i do not even need to apply anything else after the serum because my skin feels so moisturized, light, smooth and happy!



The other amazing serum from OHUI is the newly introduced OHUI Black Serum – more expensive than the Cell Power No.1 Essence. It’s even more liquid than the Cell Power No.1 Essence, absorbs really fast, and gives the same effect ( or even better actually ) than the Cell Power No.1 Essence. Of course, it is more expensive than the Cell Power No.1 Essence ( about $30 USD more ). This serum uses Moringa Seed extracts which has excellent purifying qualities. It also contains the Black Knight Complex which consists of Black Crowberry + Black Olive. Not to forget, it contains EGF too!







5. Su:m 37


Su:m 37 Water-full line / Su:m 37 Time Energy line




Su:m 37 has gone a looong way since it’s launch 2 years ago. It’s now a very well known luxury brand in Korea, and probably sooner or later in Asia. The reason why i didn’t put the Su:m37 star product – the Secret Programming Essence – on the list was because i felt that the SK-II Cellumination Mask In Lotion was much better. However, there are two lines from Su:m 37 that will guarantee you baby smooth skin.




First off is the Su:m37 Water-full range – the hydration range – which is everything a hydrating range should be : refreshing, moisturizing, non-greasy, lightweight, and long-lasting ! Even after washing your skin, you can feel the difference. Starting off with the toner, it immediately leaves your skin really moisturized and soft. The 2nd range is the Su:m37 Time Energy range which ‘resets’ your skin’s turnover cycle to provide you with healthy skin. This range is also really good – it even heals your acne and gives you that glow you dream off!


Gmarket Haul #23 August 14, 2011

91 (7)

91 (7)


A mini-haul to try out some new products !


92 (7) 


1. AHC Intense Contour Balm 9 Free



Seller : here


This is an upgraded version of the infamous AHC Intense Contour Balm ( BB Cream ) .


First impression : Really really happy with this upgraded BB Creams. It lives up to it’s name, and there is still a huge difference between the old version and the new one. I don’t think AHC will ever discontinue the older version because it is such a classic BB Cream that everyone loves. The classic AHC Intense Contour Balm is suited for those with oilier, combination skin while the new one is suited for those with normal, drier skin. The colour and texture are also very different. The new version has a brighter, orange-y look , while the older version has a more natural neutral colour.



95 (7)


2. Ohui Black Serum


Seller : here


This is the new OHUI Black Serum. I know that it’s just screaming for an entire line which OHUI will probably release soon!


First Impression : I need to write a letter to beg OHUI not to use such heavy fragrances in their cosmetics. That aside, this serum is very nice. It absorbs really quick and plumps up your skin, makes it super smooth!


94 (7)



3. OHUI Cell Power No.1 Eye Cream


Seller : here


OHUI Cell Power No.1 Serum is one of their best sellers and to me, an absolute gem. It screams for a face cream too! I really like this eye cream, even more than the Sum37 Secret Programming Essence Eye Cream. I’ll be purchasing the full size version for sure!


93 (7)



4) Sulwhasoo Hydro Aid Moisturizing Lifting Eye Serum


Seller : here


This is the latest Sulwhasoo Hydro Aid Moisturizing Lifting Eye Serum. Have not tried.



97 (5)



5) Alonism


Seller : here


If you get this set, it is much more affordable than the prices in Sasa. For a set of 4 products, it costs about 98,000 wons. Use your 10% discount ( If you’re Gmarket VIP ) and it goes down to 89,000 wons ). That’s really cheap considering that Sasa is selling each product for about $33.

Updated : The seller has increased the price from 98,000 wons to 132,000 wons ( damnnn ! ) Luckily i bought this before the price increase. The set of 4 consists of :


1) Alonism Cell Turnaround Cream

2) Alonism Sensitive Hydrating Lotion

3) Alonism Balancing Gel Toner

4) Alonism Deep Moist Essence


I also bought two additional products :

5) Alonism Morning Essence

6) Alonism Sensitive Smooth Bubble Cleanser


First Impression : This line has caught my eye for a long time due to it’s ingredient list. I’m generally a fan of aloe vera products – and this line is enriched with lots of goodies such as Arbutin, Betaine, Beta Glucan, Centella Asiatica and all of these ingredients are high up on the ingredient list. It also uses nano-technology so that all the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. Tried the samples of the entire line that was given free and liked it. The Alonism Night Recovery Sleeping Pack was good, the one that probably left a deeper first impression. Too bad that the ingredient list isn’t very clean for this product. Don’t forget that u can win a trial pack of the entire line in our 1st Anniversary Giveaway : here


Chosungah Raw releases Black Bubble Cleanser Signature Edition August 10, 2011







Chosungah Raw’s super successful ‘black’ line in Korea has spawned other companies like OHUI, Coreana, The Saem, Holika Holika to push out cosmetics that are based on ‘black’ ingredients such as the newly released OHUI Black Serum.




To celebrate the success of the Chosungah Raw Black Bubble Cleanser Mask 조성아 로우 breaking records and achieving the one million mark in sales, the company will be releasing a limited edition Chosungah Raw Black Bubble Cleanser Signature Edition.




The Chosungah Raw Black Bubble Cleanser Mask is a cleanser which double functions as a mask ( works like the Sum37 White Detox Mask, OHUI White Extreme Purifying Mask etc ). It deep cleanses the skin and blackheads, exfoliates the skin gently, and protects the skin with the help of over 30 nutritional black ingredients such as black pansy, black caviar, blackcurrant, etc.




The limited edition features the photo of Chosungah’s director and his personal signature. The products are available on Gmarket, and some sellers are offering it at a very interesting price ( and limited quantity ), so if you are wondering why the Korean women are so crazy over this line of products, this is your best time to try it out! Please help out the blog by clicking on the ads on the right bar! Thank you.





OHUI releasing black serum August 7, 2011

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LG’s OHUI will be releasing a new serum called the OHUI Black Serum 오휘 블랙 세럼. Black cosmetics have been picking up in popularity in Korea last year with the introduction of Chosungah Raw’s black cosmetic series, and also Coreana Cosmetic’s Ovleau Black Cream.



This year, OHUI will be releasing their own Black Serum which is concentrated in antioxidants to eliminate free radicals and harmful substances out of the skin. It heals damaged skin, improves and regenerate the skin inside out with extracts of black extracts such as black crow berry, black olives, moringa wood extract etc.


The Black Serum will be priced at 98000 wons for 40ml… wow. Open-mouthed smile


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