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Nature Republic releases UV Lock Ultra series May 12, 2011




Nature Republic will be releasing two sun-care products called

1.  Nature Republic UV Lock Ultra Milk Sun SPF 50 PA+++ 유브이락 울트라 밀크선

Iris, Cornflower extracts gives the skin vitality. Can be used on the body too.

2. Nature Republic UV Lock Ultra BB Sun SPF 50 유브이락 울트라 비비선

BB Cream that features UV Protection, whitening, and anti wrinkle properties. Covers imperfection and evens skin tone.

Both products will feature natural groundwater from Fiji islands which are rick in minerals. It also features cactus extracts which is rich in Vitamin A and moisturizes the skin.

From skincare-review on cactus extract :

Scientists are now exposing the many secret identities the cactus conceals, and their efforts have unmasked a natural wonder with unsurpassable capabilities. The cactus has long held the secret of retaining valuable moisture. The cactus is a succulent, which means it absorbs water in areas of low rainfall. Like an oasis, the cactus keeps previous moisture and nutrients locked inside.

Research shows that when applied to the skin, cactus extract also acts as a moisturizer and helps to prevent water evaporation from the stratum corneum layer of the skin. By doing so, cactus extract may improve the skin’s barrier function, an action that over time may prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles caused by free radical damage.