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Hannule Hanyul Releases new whitening line called ‘Go Gyeol Mi Baek’ February 10, 2011



Tired of dull looking skin? Want to get rid of your visible sun spots, blemishes and freckles?


Tired of using the usual Sulwhasoo or History Of Whoo? Try something else!


Fret not! Amore Pacific’s Hanyul / Hannule are releasing their whitening line.


Well, we wouldn’t call it exactly new. The serum, essence, and sunblock were released previously, but now the line is complete with the addition of a balancer/lotion, emulsion, and also sheet masks.


Containing truckloads of herbal ingredients , this whitening line promises to get rid of dull skin by improving blood circulation, erase signs of UV damage, making your skin look clear, spotless, and radiant!


100% natural and herbal, Hanyul/Hannule Go Gyeol Mi Baek promises to diminish your spots and even the tone of your skin, making it bright, milky and clear.



The Hanyul Hannul Go Gyeol Mi Baek line consists of

  • Whitening Lotion/Toner 150ml 한율 고결 미백 스킨– 47,000 won

Exfoliates your skin clean and brightens up dull spots while it’s light cool refreshing texture invigorates your skin, locking in moisture to give you soft supple skin.



  • Whitening Emulsion 100ml 한율 고결 미백 에멀젼 – 48,000 won

Filled with herbal ingredients , this non-sticky , easily absorbed- emulsion improves dull complexion while plant derived moisturizing ingredients hydrate the skin


  • Whitening Serum 50ml 한율 고결 미백 에센스 – 130,000 won

    Protects your skin from the rough outside environment and facilitates the flow of chi in your skin. Moist and soft feeling, the serum absorbs immediately after application.



    • Whitening Cream 60ml 한율 고결 미백 크림 – 120,000 won

    Clears up unwanted spots on your face while providing nutrients and moisture to the skin.



    • Whitening Sunblock 70ml 한율 고결 미백 선크림 – 40,000 won

    Provides UV protection  (SPF 50) and moisture to your skin.



    • Sheet Masks 36ml x 6 한율 고결 미백 마스크 – 55,000 won

    Whitening Essence delivers fast whitening effect while fits your skin perfectly with Hanyul’s Super Tension-Fit mask.




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