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Gmarket Haul 25 September 1, 2011

ac (6)

ac (6)



A mini-haul from a few of our girls :


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1. Chosungah Raw Ice Coat Pore Tight Serum

조성아 로우 일명콩알에센스 로우 아이스코트



Seller : here


This is the latest product from the infamous Chosungah Raw Black series which features black ingredients, the latest hype! It is sold at almost half priced, so if you’re interested check it out!


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2. Hannule  Gel Scrub

한율 클렌징 폼


Seller : here


We wrote about this latest addition from Amore Pacific’s chinese herbal brand Hannule. Read the article here!


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3. Hannule Overnight Sleeping Pack / Gogyeol Jineak Sleeping Pack

한율 고결진액 수면팩


Seller : here


Another Hanyul product similar to the Sulwhasoo Overnight Sleeping Mask.


b0 (6)



4. OHUI Age Recovery Essence Gel Mist

오휘 에이지 리커버리 에센스 젤 미스트


Seller : here


This is the travel version of the new OHUI Age Recovery Essence Gel Mist. Initial impression : hydrates really well and it’s moist!


b1 (6)



5. TonyMoly Honey Bee Skin Solution Dual Mask




The latest addition from the TonyMoly Honey Bee series.






6. TonyMoly Floria Pore Tightening Spot



This is the pore tightening spot , the latest addition to the TonyMoly Floria Tightening Spot series.


Hannule launches scrub gel August 14, 2011

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Amore Pacific’s premium herbal brand, Hannule / Hanyul will be releasing a gel scrub that is concentrated in moisturizing herbal ingredients called the Hanyul Gel Scrub 한율 젤 스크럽.




Aging slows down the regeneration of the skin and causes imbalance on the skin’s cycle. In addition, accumulated waste toxins in the pores of the skin creates a dull skin tone. These changes weaken’s the skin ability to capture moisture and moisturize itself, causing other effects such as widening of pores, loose skin, etc.




The new Hannule Gel Scrub helps to maintain the flow of the skin’s cycle. Enriched with herbal ingredients, the new natural herbal scrub gel  supresses the production of waste products in the skin while effectively clears dead skin, and clear blocked pores. Due to it’s high concentration in moisturizing herbal ingredients such as adzuki beans, etc. Adzuki Bean (Phaseolus angularis) Powder has been Used in Asian skin care regimens for centuries.  The bean is finely milled into a soft powder.  It gently exfoliates the skin without damaging the surface of the skin.



It is now available on Gmarket!