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BB Cream In A Jar November 4, 2010

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From left to right : a) Hanskin’s Super Magic BB Cream b) Hanskin’s Hyaluron Moisture BB Cream c) Too Cool For School Pudding Aqua BB Cream 3) Alex Cosmetic Royal Bb Cream



We have seen the packaging evolution of BB Creams. BB Creams first started in a tube form, and slowly because of hygiene and convenience, BB Pumps started rolling out.


Lately we have seen the existence of BB Rollers and joining the trend are the BB Jars. BB Cream in a Jar?

Yes! Many high end BB Cream line such as the Alex Royal BB Cream (pictured left) started to sell BB Creams in a Jar. However, lately, Hanskin – one of the largest BB Cream manufacturers introduced their latest BB Cream, called the Hyaluron Moisture BB Cream ( Read about Hanskin’s Latest BB Cream )  in a glass jar.

Now one would ask, why in a jar since it is not hygienic?

The answer is simply because certain formulation or cosmetic ingredients are best used with glass jars to prevent it from reacting with the tube or to prevent it from degradation . Glass is non-porous and inert, therefore good for the lifespan of the formulations and does not interfere with it. Also consumers are able to see what’s in store for them by just looking at the glass containers.

So what do you prefer your skincare/cosmetics to be packaged in? Glass jars? Plastic tubes? Plastic Pumps?


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