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Hannule Rich Effect Whitening Mask & Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Mask Review May 24, 2011



  • Hannule Rich Effect Whitening Mask

A two overlapping layer mask that is concentrated in rich whitening essence to deliver a rapid yet effective whitening effect while moisturizing the skin.

Mask wraps the skin fittingly with it’s Super Tension Fit design to maximize absorption of  whitening and moisturizing ingredients into the skin

  •  Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Mask





  • Hannule Rich Effect Whitening Mask

1. Place the first layer ( smaller piece with the two holes for the eyes ) on the upper face.

2. Place the second layer ( huge layer with mouth piece ), some of it will overlap the first layer.

3. Press the layers gently and leave for 10 – 15 minutes

  • Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Mask


There will be three layers – a plastic area, a gelatine area, and a fabric area.

1. Remove the plastic layer from the other two layers ( do not seperate all three layers! the gelatine and fabric area are to be stuck together! )

2. Place GELATINE area ( the thicker one! ) on your skin.

3. Leave for 10 – 15 minutes


  • Hannule Rich Effect Whitening Mask


The mask has two layers that overlap each other at the eye- cheekbone area. The 2nd layer is huge and covers the entire jawbone. Both layers are packaged in two different sections – making it more convenient !


I really like fabric cloth, it feels nice on the skin. The smaller upper later is a little smaller in size and it may be too small to wrap your entire face, but after layer the huge 2nd layer, it covers up the whole face pretty well.

The mask fits pretty nicely on the face but it feels a little too suffocating ( not that it’s a problem just that we’re all use to thin one layer masks ) . It also covers the nose and the chin area pretty well ! Photos below :


  • Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Mask


The Sooryehan mask has three layers that are stuck together, the plastic layer is removed and the gelatine layer is placed on the skin. This feels less comfortable than the Hannule mask as i prefer Hanyul’s fabric which feels more comfortable.

The mask design also loses out to Hannule – it covers less than the Hannule one and if done wrongly, it will be quite a mess. Initially, i wasn’t sure of the instructions at all, so i separated the two layers ( gelatine and fabric ), and i didn’t know which side to place on my face. I finally chose to use one layer – the very thin fabric area, and it felt weird.

Luckily, LG responded to my messages and gave me the correct instructions – that the Gelatine layer is to be placed on the skin and the fabric layer on top of the gelatine layer. I still don’t know the reasoning for having two layers – even more so a gelatine layer which doesn’t absorb anything !

The mask definitely doesn’t fit as nicely as the Hannule one especially on the nose and chin area.



  • Hannule Rich Effect Whitening Mask

The Hannule Mask has a very concentrated liquid essence, and it smells absolutely delightful. I really like the scent of Hannule’s whitening line. There will be leftovers in the packet so make sure you squeeze every ML of it and apply it onto your mask ( or hands, neck, etc ).

However absorption rate is slower than the Sooryehan.

  • Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Mask


The Sooryehan Mask has this very thick gel-ish texture and the white colour is more evident here.

After removing the plastic layer ( the one that isn’t used ), make sure you don’t waste the essence that is stuck onto the plastic layer.

This surprisingly absorbs faster than the Hannule one.


Here are some before after photos :

  • Hannule Rich Effect Whitening Mask


  • Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Mask





Thumbs up



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Absorption Rate


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Whitening Effect

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  • Packaging

We prefer Hanyul’s mask fit, design and texture. It feels more comfortable on the skin and it covers the whole face very nicely.

  • Texture

Hanyul’s mask texture feels very comfortable on the skin while the Sooryehan gelatine texture was not as homely and comforting as the Hanyul fabric texture.

Hanyul’s mask essence also feels more concentrated and liquid, therefore application is easier as opposed to Sooryehan’s thick gel texture which is harder to handle. However, the hanyul mask essence is rather sticky.

  • Absorption Rate

Sooryehan wins hands down ! I applied both masks ( different days of course ) and left it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, i tried squeezing the mask to check how much essence has been absorbed into the skin.

With the Sooryehan, the mask was almost dry by then and there was nothing left that could be squeezed.

However, with the Hanyul mask, so much more essence was left.

Photo of how much i managed to squeeze after 30 minutes from the Hanyul mask :

  • Whitening Effect

Both of them have rather good whitening effect. I felt that the OHUI White Extreme 3D Black Mask produced better results than both. If i had to pick one, i think Sooryehan’s whitening effect was a little more obvious in front of the mirror. But both leaves the face very radiant and brightens up the skin tone.

Another thing is that i believe that the Sooryehan mask contains more alcohol as i felt a little burning sensation while using the mask, but it was only because my skin was peeling quite rapidly for the past 2 weeks. Those with normal skin, i don’t think you would feel anything.

  • After Feel

The after feel of the Sooryehan mask was much better as much of the essence was absorbed by the skin. I can follow up with my skincare routine straight away after the mask.

With the Hannule one, there was still a lot of essence just sitting on top of the skin. Therefore, it felt very sticky and i could not follow up with my normal skincare routine right after the mask because it was too sticky and concentrated. So i had to rinse my face with warm water before following up with my normal skincare routine.


  • Hanyul Rich Effect Whitening Mask – 70% – I’d use this during winter, when my skin is dry. This mask has a rich effect like it’s name – and would be very comforting for winter use. The only drawback is it’s absorption rate. However, it still delivers by giving you a very moisturized, plumped up radiant skin.
  • Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Mask – 80% – This would be suitable for everyday use or during hotter days. It absorbs fast and leaves the skin smooth. It definitely isn’t as moisturizing and rich as the Hanyul mask.