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Introducing Brands : Amore Pacific’s Hannule / Hanyul February 21, 2011



Even though Amore Pacific has been a pain in the ass, we’ve been flooded with e-mails regarding questions about the line. So we are going to do a short introduction on the Hannule / Hanyul brand for those of you who are looking for information as there is no english information regarding this brand at all.



Hannule or Hanyul is a brand under the Amore Pacific Group and is touted as the Sulwhasoo for younger skin. The brand targets women at their early 20s to late 30s.



There are 4 distinct lines in Hannule which are encoded by their distinctive colour, namely the Red, Purple, Blue, White and Green.



Kudos goes to Kevin Jang ( which we are trying to get him to feature some articles on this blog ) for most of the information regarding this line.



1) Red Line – Hannule Keuk Jin line




This line is a premium care line and is probably the most expensive line in Hannule. It is a skin renewal line, anti wrinkle, anti aging, firming and elasticity line.



The TV-ad for the Keuk Jin line shows that the line can firm the skin for the V-line silhouette of the face.



Not forgetting, the Hannule Keuk Jin Essence was the no.2 best selling product of the Amore Pacific in 2010 ( just behind IOPE’s Super Vital Extra Moist Cream). Not to mention that it even achieved higher sales than the much cheaper Amore Pacific brand ‘Mamonde’ which was 4th rank.



You can watch the TV ad for the KeukJin Essence right here :



A few of us is trying the entire line so our review will be coming in a few weeks.



The line consists of an emulsion, an eye cream, a face cream, a toner , and an intensive treatment and is 100% natural oriental herbal ingredients



Ingredients included in this line includes


1) Dandelion Herb – Clearing away heat, detoxicating

2) Angelica Tenuissima Root Extract – which is rich in bio-active compounds such as chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid, Z-ligustilide, nodakenin, decursin and decursinol angelate ( yes, the infamous Skinceuticals Ferulic which contains ferulic acid too)

3) Ligusticum wallichii – is a flowering plant in the carrot family best known for its use intraditional Chinese medicine where it is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs. Contains the active ingredient, Tetramethylpyrazine, which is an antioxidant and scavenges the superoxide radical. For a scientific report , read this : here

4) Artemisia Herbal Extract – has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years as an effective Detoxifier

5) Wild Ginseng Extract – 6 years’ cultivated Mt. Geumsan ginseng





2) White Line – Hannule Mi Baek Whitening Line



This line is a premium whitening line from Hannule. It was recently renewed and upgraded. Prior to this, there was only the essence, face cream and sun cream. Now, an emulsion , skin toner, and mask sheets are added to make the line complete.



The Hanyul Hannul Go Gyeol Mi Baek line consists of :

  • Whitening Lotion/Toner 150ml 한율 고결 미백 스킨– 47,000 won

Exfoliates your skin clean and brightens up dull spots while it’s light cool refreshing texture invigorates your skin, locking in moisture to give you soft supple skin.

  • Whitening Emulsion 100ml 한율 고결 미백 에멀젼 – 48,000 won

Filled with herbal ingredients , this non-sticky , easily absorbed- emulsion improves dull complexion while plant derived moisturizing ingredients hydrate the skin

  • Whitening Serum 50ml 한율 고결 미백 에센스 – 130,000 wonProtects your skin from the rough outside environment and facilitates the flow of chi in your skin. Moist and soft feeling, the serum absorbs immediately after application.
    • Whitening Cream 60ml 한율 고결 미백 크림 – 120,000 won

    Clears up unwanted spots on your face while providing nutrients and moisture to the skin.

    • Whitening Sunblock 70ml 한율 고결 미백 선크림 – 40,000 won

    Provides UV protection  (SPF 50) and moisture to your skin.

    • Sheet Masks 36ml x 6 한율 고결 미백 마스크 – 55,000 won

    Whitening Essence delivers fast whitening effect while fits your skin perfectly with Hanyul’s Super Tension-Fit mask.





    3) Purple Line – Go Gyeol Jinaek Anti Wrinkle Line / Kogyoljinak




    The GoGyeol Jinaek line consists of 6 products – toner, emulsion, cream, eye cream, essence and a sleeping pack and is for drier skin. The line is basically an anti wrinkle, protective line which helps repairs the skin and providing rich nutrients to keep dry skin hydrated and young.



    The cream was recently renewed and upgraded in January 2011.


    Hannule’s Go Gyeol Jin Aek cream, which is high in concentrated ginseng extract, and a compound of 5 Oriental herbs or plants fermented over 72 hours, including pomegranatae, haengyin, and so on, and burdock, is a synergy of various Oriental ingredients.



    This is the TV-ad for the older version of the Go Gyeol Cream

    4) Dark Blue Line – Chae Eum Basic Line




    This is the basic line from Hannule / Hanyul. There is a green line called the Ga Eum line which is also a basic care line except that it is only sold on home TV channels while the Dark Blue line is found in beautyplexs and Hannule counters.



    The line is a moisture line which is suitable for all skin types and for all 4 seasons.



    The line consists of 6 products –  a toner, emulsion, essence, 2 types of massage essence and a face cream.



    We really like the massage essence and there are 2 types.



    Jeong (정)is for normal and dry skin, while Yeon (연) is for oily and combination skin. You apply it onto your palms first, rub it to activate it with heat, and then apply it onto your face, while massaging the vital acupuncture points indicated for the essence. To be applied after toner and used as an essence.



    The video on how to massage your face with the massage essence :

    5) Cleansing Line





    The cleansing line contains 4 products – a foam cleanser, a cream cleanser, a soap bar, and also a private-part cleanser.



    6) Make Up Line




    The make up line contains 4 products – a powder pact, a BB Cream, a make up base, and a foundation.



    The foundation is highly moisturizing and contains 29% of concentrated herbal essences. There are two shades – No.21 and No.23.



    The make up base / primer contains 30% of concentrated herbal moisturizing ingredients and serves to correct your skin tone by reflecting light particles, making your skin look more even and makes pores, wrinkles ness noticeable.



    BB Cream has a SPF35 PA ++ prodtection and relieves heat from your skin caused by sun exposure. It contains 34% of concentrated herbal moisturizing ingredients and helps in firming the skin.



    The powder pact contains SPF 25 PA ++ protection and contains crystal powder to cover skin irregularities. Safflower extracts brightens your skin. Available in two shades – No 21. and No. 23. Can be used after BB Cream.








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