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Hope In A Blog Gmarket Tutorial 4 : Applying Discount Coupons January 19, 2011

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Reminder : Please use Internet Explorer. It really is the best when applying coupons. With other browsers, we have experience lots of problems – some coupons can’t be applied etc, so to benefit the most from your coupons, use Internet explorer


  • This is the most important part – getting discounts and applying coupons. Click on the ‘Coupon Box’ button.




  • A coupon box will appear :





There a 4 types of coupons :



1) Delivery Fee Coupons

  • These coupons can only be applied with items that charges a delivery fee. They will deduct 2,500wons and pay for your delivery fee. However, different delivery coupons have different conditions. Some you will have to spend 5,000 / 10,000 in order to apply the free delivery coupon. Delivery coupons can also be applied on ‘Fee Charged’ items.



There is also two tricks to this :


  • There are times when the condition is met for Free Delivery ( for example : you have purchase 20,000 from the seller therefore he doesn’t charge the delivery fee ), you can still apply the Free Delivery coupon. Therefore you have an additional bonus 2,500won discount Open-mouthed smile



  • You can apply the delivery free coupons multiple times from the same seller, which means you have 5,000won discount Open-mouthed smile For example below – we applied two delivery coupons with the same seller therefore a 2500 + 2500 = 5000wons discount :







Free delivery coupons can be won in two ways :


a) Through Events


  • When you see something like this (picture below) click on it. For example you can win one here :






b) Through VIP Lucky Draw


  • If you are a VIP customer, you can win Free Delivery coupons here :







2) Normal Coupons

  • Normal coupons can be applied if met with condition so check the conditions before applying the coupon. They can be won  on the Korean Gmarket Events such as this



3) Super Coupons


  • Super coupons can be applied on top of normal coupons so you can get even more discount. An example below :






4 ) Additional Discount For Each Item


  • Some sellers do give additional discount if you purchase more than 2 items from them. If applied, you are not able to apply the normal coupons. However, these discounts are usually very little , so if you have a normal coupon that gives you a larger discount, ‘Untick’ the ‘Discount for each item’ then apply your normal coupons. Example below :





Next Tutorial : Where to win Gmarket coupons ?






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Hope in a blog gmarket tutorial 3 : Adding Items to cart and Placing an order


  • It is advisable to use Google Chrome for this as Google Chrome translates the whole page to English



  • Sometimes the page is automatically translated by Google Translate, sometimes it is not. If it is not, just copy and paste the link of the whole page, then go to and paste the link there. Choose From Korean To English then click on Translate






  • A page like this will appear :






1) Delivery Fee




There are 3 types :



  • Free – there is no need to pay any delivery fee



The other 2 types of Delivery Fee are only charged once, no matter how many items you purchase from the seller, you are only charged 2,500 once :



  • Free On Condition – click on the arrow after ‘Free On Condition’ to check it’s condition. Usually the delivery fee is waived if you have spend a certain amount from that seller’s shop




  • Fee Charged – delivery fee is charged no matter what. Delivery fee varies from 2,200wons – 3,000wons. Delivery fee is the fees paid to send the items from the seller’s shop to the Gmarket warehouse ( and not Gmarket’s warehouse to your place ). If this happens, click on ‘Pay 2,500 Once Order’ as this is the only options available for International customers. The other option ‘Payment on Delivery’ is only available for Korean customers. Example below :








2) Select Options


  • Sometimes there are options that we are able to select. Use Google Chrome for this, so that the options can also be translated.






Example above :


a) This is a set of 2 creams and 1 essence. They are also giving away either a Free mask or a Free Mist . At ‘Required Optional’ – choose either the free mist or mask.



b) This seller also allows you to add other stuff to your order. They are usually cheaper when bought together with other items compared than bought alone. If you are not interested just choose ‘None’. If not, click on your choice. The additional price of the additional items are shown on the side.




  • However there are times where there are different options in one page , especially if you are buying samples of Whoo, Sulwhasoo, etc. For example :







  • In this picture above, the average cost of all the samples cost 4,000 korean wons. Unless stated, each item cost 4,000wons. However there are some items that will be more expensive or cheaper than 5,000wons. For example, the OHUI ULTRA MOIST ESSENCE costs only 3,000wons, therefore there is a –1000 wons beside the option.



3) International Shipping





  • Double check if International Shipping is Unavailable or Available



Placing An Order


  • When you are paying for your order, you are paying the ESTIMATED shipping fee.

  • If your order is overweight, you would have to pay for the additional fees using your Cash Balance OR Gcash.

  • If your order is underweight , Gmarket will cash in the remaining money into your Cash Balance. They will not reimburse the money into your Paypal or Credit card. ( We think this purpose is that customers will always come back and buy things to try to use up all their cash balance )

  • Click on Place an Order and you will be directed here :


  • Fill in the details and also if you have any remarks to the sellers

  • For sender’s name , you can fill in anybody’s name, even your own. This way it will probably be easier and less noticeable when it reaches the customs.



  • To learn how to reduce your chances of being taxed, click on this tutorial




Next Tutorial : Applying Discounts





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How to evade/reduce taxes on gmarket orders! November 27, 2010



This is extremely important for those of you are are in Europe or America where the tax officers are very strict.


We learnt the hard way of learning how to evade being taxed, and only mastered the art of it after a few shipments, so here we are sharing with all of you, so make sure (and hopefully!) you read this before you go on with your orders.


Rule #1

Always split your shipments in two.



When shopping on Gmarket, make sure you separate your orders in two orders.


The FIRST ORDER is the most important one, and the order which Gmarket will take when declaring taxes. Therefore, split your orders into two and put all the cheap stuff on your first order. To be sure, put items below 20,000 Korean Wons on your first order, and make sure it has at LEAST 4 items.


Rule #2



Place items which are more expensive on a second order. To be extra safe, put only 3 of these very expensive items in one order.  Unfortunately, you would have to pay for shipping twice, but it doesn’t matter as Gmarket will weigh both of your orders and ship it in one shipment, and the balance will be debited to you in your Gbalance account



After placing both orders, go to your Gmarket Shopping List. Click on Overseas Order.





Then tick on both orders that was placed, and at the bottom of the page, click on ‘REQUEST COMBINED SHIPMENT’.


If you don’t want the hassle of doing combining two orders, just put everything in one order – and Gmarket will only pick 4 items to be declared. If they pick the expensive ones – then you’re unlucky.



If ever your shipment is retained by the customs, don’t be stupid enough to send them the whole bill/paypal receipt. Gmarket picked only 4 items to be declared, therefore if you send the tax officers your paypal/gmarket/credit card recipt, you will end up paying taxes for the whole order.



What to do in this case? Simply e-mail Gmarket and ask them to scan your EMS label. Once you receive your EMS label, you will know how much to declare in your letter/or ‘letter proforma’ in french, and you will end up paying taxes for those 4 items!


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Gmarket’s Guide October 23, 2010

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Hi Readers,

There are tons of tutorials on how to shop on Gmarket so i’m not gonna touch on that, but rather i’ll be focusing on how to look for items on Gmarket, and also talking about the various brands found on Gmarket.

Here are some common Korean words you will need to type when searching for things :

1) Derma Rollers – search for MTS

2) BB Creams – search for BB크림, or 비비크림

3) Cleansers – 클렌저

4) Serum – 세럼

5) Toner – 스킨 (Skin) 토너 (Toner)

6) Mask –  마스크

7) Sunblock – 선블럭

8) Eye Cream – 아이 크림

9) Emulsion – 에멀젼

10) Gel – 젤

11) Mist – 미스트

I would also like to add on to Lotus Palace’s Gmarket Brands list :

Banila Co. 바닐라코

Belita Lala “My Secret Editor” 벨리타라라

Cathy Cat 캐시캣

Clamue 끌라뮤

Clio 클리오

Dream Cosmetic드림코스메틱

Dr. Jart닥터자르트

Elisha Coy엘리샤코이

Enprani 엔프라니

Etude House 에뛰드하우스

HanSkin 한스킨

Innisfree 이니스프리

Jadilla J제이딜라제이

Laneige 라네즈


Lotree 로트리

Missha 미샤

Nanas’B 나나스비

Nature Republic 네이처 리퍼릭

Peripera 페리페라

Skin 79 스킨79

SkinFood 스킨푸드

Sulhwasoo 설화수

The Face Shop 더페이스샵

Tony Moly 토니모리

VOV보브 ( add 캐슬듀 for Castledew series)

Zamian 자미안

Here are the add-ons for the less famous brands but the ones i love :

1) Suiskin –  스위스킨

2) Hera – 헤라

3) Isa Knox – 이자녹스

Capture Capture5

4) DR MJ and Escargot (에스카르고)  – However they don’t seem to be very helpful and have refused to reply to my mails (check out their website)

5) VIVITO – new brand that uses roses

6) IPKN 입큰 – the brand that was recently involved in the BB Cream scandal

7) CNP Laboratory – 차앤박

8) Berrisom – 베리썸

9) Sooryehan – 수려한

10) History of Whoo – 더 히스토리 오브 후 (LG’s answer to Amore Pacific’s best sellet Sulwhasoo)

11) Coreana – 코리아나

12) Reskin – 리스킨

13) Danahan – 다나한

14) Sun 37 – 숨37

images (1)

15 ) LJH Cellabel – 이지함

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