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Gmarket Haul ~22 August 7, 2011


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It’s been a while since i’ve hauled on Gmarket, so me and the ex-members of HIAB decided to prepare ourselves for the summer with some whitening products and sun care!


I’ve also included the links in which i bought it from, so if anyone is interested, just click on the photos itself to be brought to the Gmarket page! Smile 




1) HERA UV Mist BB Balm SPF 33

헤라 UV 미스트 밤



This is a limited edition HERA UV Mist Balm, with SPF33 PA++. It is a BB cream in form of a cream pact, which seems to be a trend this summer. It consists of a few layers : BB Cream ( beige ), make-up base ( light pink ), Hera’s Aquabolic essence ( white ).



It seems to be out of stock all the time. The first time i purchased this, it was cancelled, and i ordered from another seller. While looking for the link, i realize that it’s sold out once more from my seller, and there were 50 items in stock! Both the colors ( 21 and 23 ) are sold out! So i’m including the new links from different sellers that are selling it right now :








2) HERA Sun Mate Wrinkle Corrector SPF40


This is a sun-care product which doubles as a anti-wrinkle product, sun care, and make-up base! It comes with a brush to help apply. All these products are from the same seller which has 2 shops : BCCOS & 4USKIN. They offer very attractive prices, however, these products sometimes do not come together with their original boxes mostly because usually these products come in a box together with mini-samples, but the seller separates the product, and sells the mini-samples that come with it, therefore reducing the price of the product significantly. So if you’re particular about this, or if you want to buy a product as a gift, avoid these two sellers.



3) Lirikos Marine Oxygenic Essence


This is Amore Pacific’s Lirikos Marine Oxygenic Essence which is becoming rather popular in Korea. Lirikos is Amore Pacific’s marine line which uses marine extracts etc. This is an oxygen essence which claims to provide the skin with oxygen supply. It is also popular because it is endorsed by My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho actress, Shin Min Ah.



4) Lirikos Marine Pore Minimizing Serum


This is the recently released Marine Pore Minimizing Serum. Have not tried it, but glancing at the ingredient list – probably a hint of regret purchasing this !




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5) Chosungah raw Black Bubble Cleanser


Sorry guys, this is already out of stock because it was on 50% discount ! I was surprised that it was on 50% discount because this product and it’s entire line was really popular in Korea. Try and see if other sellers are offering this. This is a black cleanser + detox mask which has all the black ingredients such as black ginseng, black pansy, blackberries etc.




96 (5)


6) Tony Moly Floria Whitening Cream

7)Tony Moly Floria Whitening Capsule Essence

8) Tony Moly Floria Whitening Emulsion

9) Tony Moly Floria Whitening Toner



This line has been getting great feedback, the ingredient list is rather impressive, so one of us decided to try out the whole line. Has anyone tried this line?



95 (6)


10 )  Re:NK White Radiance BB Brightener

11) Re:NK White Radiance BB Cream

12) Re:NK White Radiance BB Pact


This is RE:NK newly release White Radiance BB line which consists of a BB Balm, BB Brightener, and BB Powder. Loves the packaging, and i loved the Cell Luminous line, so i can’t wait to try this. Plus the BB Balm looks great!


Also from the same seller BCCOS / 4USKIN. The Korean names are on the White Radiance article!




13) Re:NK Cell Luminous Real White Sun Block


This was also released 2 weeks ago together with the Ampoules. Now i have the entire Re:NK Cell Luminous line! Open-mouthed smile  Except the new ampoule which is far too expensive.



14)  HERA Multi Base SPF33


This is HERA’s Base Balm which contains different skin tone correctors, sun protection, and whitening essence.


15. IOPE Moisture Skin 3-STEP Peel Off Pack


This is IOPE’s latest peel off pack from their Moisture Skin line. I love peel off packs such as the Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask and Whoo Brightening Peel Off Pack – so i’m excited to try this out ! Comes with two samples of the new Mild Sun Cream and Cleansing Foam.





Gmarket Haul number 6 ! November 30, 2010

Here’s Hope In A Blog Latest Gmarket Haul ( a small one! )

Introducing a few brands here that those of you not might not be familiar with :

a) Dr MJ – is having –70% sales for their escargot/snail skincare line right now, so it might be worth checking out. On top of that, they are also giving away FREE Escargot (their premium line) samples which are worth quite a lot!

b) CNP Lab – This is quite a reputable and serious brand in Korea. I was quite impressed with the ingredients of their Star product their B.B.B Cream ( Blemish Block and Barrier BB Cream ). Check out their products description here!

We also bought the new Laneige Multiberry Yoghurt Peeling Gel and Sleeping Pack!

And last but not least, we had to stock up on our favourite product ever, Sulwhasoo’s First Aid Serum! Smile

What have you been buying from Gmarket? Update Us!

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Gmarket Haul Number 5 November 16, 2010

Hope In A Blog received their 5th Gmarket Haul and almost everything was from the LG Corporation! (Yes, LG like the handphone manufacturer, i bet most of you don’t know that they do produce very good cosmetics skincare too right?)  Smile

Don’t you love openings lots of boxes at one goal? Hehe..

I was sent the wrong item AGAIN. I don’t understand why sellers can’t check their items before sending it out! And GMartket isn’t useful here too. When there’s a wrong item, we need to send the item back via EMS and pay for it first. EMS will then refund the money via Gbalance. Who the hell wants MORE Gbalance? It’s useless for us international users and makes our shopping at Gmarket such a pain in the ass.

My wrong item sent : It was suppose to be the Anti-Trouble Serum but they sent the Herb Clay Pore Refining Mask (w hich i already have! ).

LG Corporation’s luxury brand called Sum 37. It is said to be the Korean equivalent of SK-II (using fermentation!)

All opened up. Boy, these babies are heavy and love the luxury packaging!

On top of that, we bought lots of samples from another LG Corporation luxury brand called The History Of Whoo ( who is on head on competition with Amore Pacific’s award winning brand Sulwhasoo ) . Even the samples have such luxurious packaging. We bought the full size Whoo Whitening BB Cream though Smile

Sulwhasoo is an amazing brand and we swear that once we finish using these samples, we will be buying the full size products. Support original products please! Smile

On a different note, the GMarket has been really pissing me off (and the customer service too… ). I was not able to leave multiple reviews for all of my shipments on Gmarket ( since the first shipment till the 5th.. ), and have lost about 80+ GStamps and 80,000+ mileage… I really hope GMarket does something about this.. before i launch a worldwide boycott ! Smile

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Gmarket Haul Number 4! :D November 9, 2010

If there was such thing as Gmarket Super VIP, I should be one.

This was my 4th Gmarket spree. Almost a spree each week.

Less goodies than the previous spree, but lots of goodies for our readers! Smile

Sorry for not taking photos of the opening of boxes because i threw them away on the way back.

I had to pick the huge Gmarket box up from the main box office which is 40 minutes journey from my home, and i really hate Chronopost ( i call it CON-opost because it is really a conjob and the company is a real joke! ) but it happens to be the company in charge of EMS postage in France.

So in the Metro ( and in front of everyone ) i had to open up the boxes one by one and put the items in a huge bag.

Here you will see many BB Cream brands which none of you will probably know, but in Korea, they are the highest range of BB Creams available.

1) This is not from Gmarket – but from Ebay Germany. Dr Schrammek‘s The Original BB Cream that launched the BB Craze. I am excited to test this product!

2) First Up – this is a new brand in Korea – it says Giverny Paris – but don’t be mistaken – the brand isn’t even available here in Paris ( the one we have here is Givenchy so not to be confused ). This BB Cream has been a hot-seller, and it has been sold out a few times on Gmarket!  This is the premium edition, but they do have lower range edition which is cheaper. I was given lots of samples, so which lucky reader will win these samples?? Open-mouthed smile

3) Woorijin is the company  that produces the most expensive BB Creams in Korea – they are all premium high end and the most expensive BB Cream of theirs retail for about $150 – $200 USD. They gave me samples of Alexander Kimsco which is their most expensive BB brand, and also SunnySide VIP BB Cream which retails for aroun $120 USD. I bought the middle range BB Cream of theirs to try and very excited to review and see if it lives up to their price tag.

4) Next up we have DR MJ Escargot’s BB Cream which uses snail slime as their main ingredients. This BB Cream retails for about $80 USD but it was on 50% so i bought it and they were very generous with samples as u can see. They even gave a full size Jasmine mask, 2 sheet masks, a box of Escargot’s different creams and also a few samples of DR MJ’s different BB Cream.

5) AHC is also a high end premium brand and very reputable for it’s BB Cream – the 30ml retails at $70 USD while the 50ml at $90 USD. We’ll see how this fares.

6) BeauteDerm’s BB Cream was also on a buy 1 free 1 promotion, so i grabbed it. I have read very positive reviews around, and they have two different BB creams. One for oily skin, and the other for dry skin. I ordered the one with oily & combination skin. They were also very generous with their samples.

7) Last but not least, Suiskin. This is also quite a relatively new brand in Korea, and they were very generous with their samples! I will be giving lots of Suiskin freebies to our readers. Isn’t the packaging just gorgeous and lovely? Classy!

It even comes with a certificate! Open-mouthed smile

So there you have it , our 4th GMarket Haul. We did not buy much, but lots of samples were given! Definitely good news for our readers! Open-mouthed smile

Take your pick!

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Gmarket Haul No.3 Continues.. November 2, 2010

Received my 3rd shopping haul from Gmarket today. Thank God it was not taxed this time! However, the other one is sitting in the customs office right now Sad smile

Is anyone excited for the reviews of this items? Leave a comment of which review you want to see first, and i’ll hop right on to it.

Tell me also which goodies you want as the next Hope In A Blog’s Review Giveaway!

Huge Box about 11 kgs. Carried it all the way from the post office!

Let’s take a peek :

Let’s open them one by one :

1) Elisha Coy

2) Banila Co ( They even gave me free coffee? lol )

3) Tony Moly ( was generous was the samples )

4) More Tony Moly

5) Innisfree Jeju’s Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

6) Isa Knox’s Care Zone pour troubled skin ( i should have gotten the one for pore and sebum care! Sad smile . They were super generous with the freebies )

7) Dr MJ’s BB Cream and Complete Massage Cream ( They made a mistake. Was suppose to be one massage cream and one hydra balance cream. I really do not like the people behind Dr Mj’s company. They are very stuck up and do not reply to mails )

I really am Gmarker’s No. 1 customer and i should be rewarded with more coupons! Smile Smile Smile

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