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Hope in a blog gmarket tutorial 3 : Adding Items to cart and Placing an order January 19, 2011


  • It is advisable to use Google Chrome for this as Google Chrome translates the whole page to English



  • Sometimes the page is automatically translated by Google Translate, sometimes it is not. If it is not, just copy and paste the link of the whole page, then go to and paste the link there. Choose From Korean To English then click on Translate






  • A page like this will appear :






1) Delivery Fee




There are 3 types :



  • Free – there is no need to pay any delivery fee



The other 2 types of Delivery Fee are only charged once, no matter how many items you purchase from the seller, you are only charged 2,500 once :



  • Free On Condition – click on the arrow after ‘Free On Condition’ to check it’s condition. Usually the delivery fee is waived if you have spend a certain amount from that seller’s shop




  • Fee Charged – delivery fee is charged no matter what. Delivery fee varies from 2,200wons – 3,000wons. Delivery fee is the fees paid to send the items from the seller’s shop to the Gmarket warehouse ( and not Gmarket’s warehouse to your place ). If this happens, click on ‘Pay 2,500 Once Order’ as this is the only options available for International customers. The other option ‘Payment on Delivery’ is only available for Korean customers. Example below :








2) Select Options


  • Sometimes there are options that we are able to select. Use Google Chrome for this, so that the options can also be translated.






Example above :


a) This is a set of 2 creams and 1 essence. They are also giving away either a Free mask or a Free Mist . At ‘Required Optional’ – choose either the free mist or mask.



b) This seller also allows you to add other stuff to your order. They are usually cheaper when bought together with other items compared than bought alone. If you are not interested just choose ‘None’. If not, click on your choice. The additional price of the additional items are shown on the side.




  • However there are times where there are different options in one page , especially if you are buying samples of Whoo, Sulwhasoo, etc. For example :







  • In this picture above, the average cost of all the samples cost 4,000 korean wons. Unless stated, each item cost 4,000wons. However there are some items that will be more expensive or cheaper than 5,000wons. For example, the OHUI ULTRA MOIST ESSENCE costs only 3,000wons, therefore there is a –1000 wons beside the option.



3) International Shipping





  • Double check if International Shipping is Unavailable or Available



Placing An Order


  • When you are paying for your order, you are paying the ESTIMATED shipping fee.

  • If your order is overweight, you would have to pay for the additional fees using your Cash Balance OR Gcash.

  • If your order is underweight , Gmarket will cash in the remaining money into your Cash Balance. They will not reimburse the money into your Paypal or Credit card. ( We think this purpose is that customers will always come back and buy things to try to use up all their cash balance )

  • Click on Place an Order and you will be directed here :


  • Fill in the details and also if you have any remarks to the sellers

  • For sender’s name , you can fill in anybody’s name, even your own. This way it will probably be easier and less noticeable when it reaches the customs.



  • To learn how to reduce your chances of being taxed, click on this tutorial




Next Tutorial : Applying Discounts





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