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ElishaCoy Anti Trouble T Serum Review April 6, 2011



Phyto-TF(Phyto-Trouble Factor) The patent plants complex (10-0897140) effectively calms the troubled skin.

The essence of 12-tea complex pleasantly moisturizes the dry skin. The serum contains a plants complex that clears and purifies rough skin.

Organic cornflower extract leaves dry skin supple, soft and amply moisturized.

It controls sebum, ease redness, detoxifies the skin and treat skin atopies and troubles, leaving the skin clear and clean.

Even when skin trouble disappears, the allergies remain. Plant extracts with a strong anti-oxidizing function is effective on atopic skin that dries easily.

Apply toner in the morning and the evening, and use the spuit to spread the serum lightly over the face. Cover your face with hands to let the serum get deeply absorbed. Apply it intensively on areas with visible skin troubles to enjoy better effects.



Comes in a silver box. English description is available ( seen in the photos above ). The product itself comes in a pipette glass bottle. The glass bottle isn’t too heavy. Pipette is also glass made. Standard packaging, nothing to shout about.


Typical serum texture. Transparent watery gel texture that is easy to apply. May be sticky when applied but it disappears once it is absorbed into the skin!


In Korean Sad smile

However here are the main ingredients :


This serum doesn’t work at all.

This is our first miss from Elisha Coy Sad smile

The only good thing was it was fairly moisturizing and the gel texture felt comfortable on the skin and absorbed easily.

But it did nothing to the ‘troubles’ we had – acne, blemishes. It doesn’t control sebum as it claims to, and even after using it for 2 weeks, there were no results. It did not even calm the skin due to my allergies.

Waste of time because it has a rather good ‘main ingredient’ list. Ok, back to my Whoo Secret Royal Court Balm…

For consolation, this serum is oil-free, artificial fragrance- free and contains natural colorant ( we did not see any colour btw )

We also have the other serum from the same series for Pores. Let’s hope that one works better!








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