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Elicina Crema De Caracol Snail Cream Review April 2, 2011






It’s the snail craze right now in Korea and it’s getting more and more crazy. The snail hype isn’t going to die down anytime soon, and Japan is follow suit in 2011.




Elicina is the original snail cream. The snail cream craze started in Chile ( though Peru also produces a lot of them ). Here is a little history of Elicina :



ELICINA ® did not come into existence the way many other skin care products do. This cream originated on a snail farm in Chile, when the workers who handled the snails realized that minor cuts and abrasions on their hands healed much more quickly than was average, and that their skin always felt soft and smooth. It was found that the Chilean Helix Aspersa Müller snail secretions were the secret behind the healthy skin that had the ability to heal quickly. Further research on this special ingredient resulted in the birth of the ELICINA ® Cream, which is a topical treatment used to treat a number of skin conditions and also as an anti-aging substance.
It took nine years of intense research and deep analysis to develop the snail secretion into a cosmetic repair cream. Elicina Cosmetics Ltd. Manufacturer of ELICINA ® products are the pioneer and inventor of the snail cream.




After registering and patenting the process in which ELICINA ® is made before The World Organization of Intellectual Property in Geneva Switzerland, (Patent of invention No. 38.6150), in 1995 Elicina Cosmetics Ltda. launched the product to the South American market. Since its early beginning and with little publicity ElLICINA ® turned into a total success based exclusively on the benefits experienced by the people that tried the cream.




Shortly after, ELICINA ® was launched to global markets, and became, thanks to the beneficiaries in the fight against Acne, Strecth Marks, Scars, Skin Burns, Wrinkles, Age and Sun Spots, in a product of worldwide acceptance and success.




Unique Cosmetic Ingredients in 2010 – Bee Venom, Snail Slime/Mucin and Snake Venom December 31, 2010

This year saw the introduction of unique cosmetics ingredients such as bee venom, escargot/snail mucus, and snake venom being huge hit in the Korean market.

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