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Dr Jart advances into Sephora and releases new CELLWAKE product April 27, 2011




Good News!

Sephora is now selling Dr. Jart+ products! Great to see Sephora bringing in a Korean brand, and hopefully there will be more to come. Click here to check out their Sephora page. There are only two products at the moment however, and the packaging is different. Instead of BB Cream, the Beauty Balm word is used.

Now, introducing the new Dr.Jart CELLWAKE Only One EX with advanced cell science total solution.

This is a stem-cell based serum that contains 400mg of stem cell culture medium which promotes cell regeneration and helps diminish wrinkles. Not only that, the ingredients are nano-capsuled, therefore ingredients are delivered deep into the skin for better penetration.

The CELLWAKE boosts the skin and drains toxin and waste products, detoxifying the skin.

Through innovative biotechnology, Dr. Jart Laboratories introduces a treatment that regenerates skin thanks to the SC-210 complex high in effective ingredients for skin regeneration.

Cell wake Only One EX works according to each individual’s skin condition by boosting the skin’s ability for self-regeneration in order to control early signs of aging.

This skin perfecting serum has a rich and velvety texture and goes on without stickiness. Comforts skin for a visibly smooth and retextured complexion leaving skin’s firmness and increasing potential hydration.


In short, there is a lot of high-tech stuff going on here, and it does sound a lot like the OHUI Cell Power serum.



It will be released on the 31st of April, therefore type ‘셀 웨이크 Only One EX’ if you’re interested in purchasing it!