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Protect your nails while making them beautiful with danahan hyoyongyun Premium nail polish February 19, 2011

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To prepare for Spring, Danahan has unveiled their new line called ‘ Dahanan Hyoyongyun Premium ‘


The line consists of 10 different nail polish colors which corresponds to the names of Gemstones – Garnet, Quartz, Moonstone, Amethyst, Spinel, Topaz, Rube, Tourmaline, Amber and Royal Gold.



Diamond and Advanced Crystal Pearls were used to express the vibrant colors and to give your nails the elegant look.



Also, herbal ingredients as well as Rose essential oils are use to protect your nails and to give it a luxurious scent.



Want some bling bling on your nails and want some nail polish that smells like rose and protect your nails? Wait no longer!



Purchase it on Gmarket by typing 다나한 효용윤 프리미엄 네일



13ml / 7000 wons.











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