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CNP Laboratory releases anti blemish spot pads October 11, 2011





CNP Laboratory will be releasing their CNP Laboratory Anti Blemish Spot Pads  / CNP 안티 블레미쉬 스팟 패드 to combat the sudden temperature changes in Autumn which may cause skin irritation by regulating the skin’s moisture balance and excessive secretion of sebum.



The CNP Laboratory Anti Blemish Spot Pads focuses on trouble areas like a mask to quickly soothe irritation and relieve skin redness. It also helps clear dirt in the pores and remove old skin cells without irritating the skin.



The product composition includes Panthenol and Beta Glucan, as well as the CNP Anti Irritant Complex which helps minimize stimulation on the skin. It also helps in anti-acne. The product is 5 Free – paraben free, fragrance free, artificial colouring free, oil free, benzophenone free.