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Introducing Catrin : Korean Mineral MakeUp May 25, 2011




Catrin is a rather new mineral make-up brand that has been becoming rather popular as of lately.

It does remind me a little of Kanebo’s Kate.


Step 1 : Catrin Mineral Skin Finisher천연화장품카트린 미네랄스킨퍼니셔

This is a make-up base which can perform as a BB Cream too.

Wear alone for clear complexion radiance. It prepares the skin for the next stages of make-up and contains pearls particles that illuminates the skin. It absorbs excess sebum and also prevents moisture from escaping the skin. Contains optics that helps scatter light to make pores and wrinkles less obvious,

Step 2 : Catrin Mineral Spot Concealer 천연화장품카트린 미네랄스팟컨실러

This is a mineral spot concealer that helps cover blemishes, dark circles,flaws etc. It provides long lasting coverage and leaves skin flawless.

Step 3 : Catrin Magic Covering Mineral Puff 천연화장품카트린 미네랄파우더

This is the star product and the most famous product off this brand. This 100% mineral powder helps with sebum excretion and absorbs excess sebum. Contains amethyst crystals, 10 differen types of natural minerals and is free from talk and artificial coloring. It also contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which acts as sun-protector. Provides natural coverage to give you flawless even skintone.

Step 4 : Catrin Magic Blooming Mineral 천연화장품카트린 매직블루밍미네랄 

Blooming Mineral adds radiance to your cheeks with soft, blendable cheek colors. It is formulated with long lasting, stay-true pigments that provides a luminous and natural looking flush to the cheeks.

Step 5 : Catrin Mineral Tint Gloss 천연화장품카트린 미네랄틴트글로스

Finish up with a bright lip gloss that helps moisturize your lips while making it look luscious and bright.

To purchase, head over to the Katrin Official Gmarket Shop :

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