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BRTC expands the 3d waterful jasmine line April 27, 2011



Remember we reported a while back regarding the BRTC Waterful Jasmine Balm and their infamous Jasmine BB Cream ?

Now BRTC will be releasing 3 more products off the Jasmine 3D Waterful Line. Jasmine has the ability to balance hormonal imbalance, stabilize the mind and body, moisturizes the skin, and has a calming effect. These 3 products that will incorporate the Jasmine extracts are :

1) BRTC Jasmine 3D Moist Powder 자스민 3D 모이스트 파우더

Contains more than 50% Jasmine Water extracts. This powder keeps skin moist and bright.

2) BRTC Jasmine 3D Moist Pact 자스민 3D 모이스트 팩트

Contains fine powder acticles coated with moisturizing agents and water to even out the skin tone. Blocks harmful UV rays with its SPF 50 PA +++

3) BRTC Jasmine Eco Mist 자스민 에코미스트

Doesn’t contain parabens, alcohols, and harmful ingredients. Concentrated extracts of Jasmine used to give live back to full skin, and can be used to moisturize the body at the same time.