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Skin Ceramic Blemish Balm Cream no.1 & Beaute Derm Effective Blemish Balm Review February 11, 2011


  • Skin Ceramic BB Cream

Skin regeneration, wrinkle treatment, oil control, long water, long wear , skin brightening, natural preservatives.

Skin Ceramics BB Cream recycles your damaged skin without irritating it. It acts as an anti-wrinkle, anti-pigmentation and increases your skin’s elasticity.

It improves your skin’s balance by absorbing sebum and applying moisture.

  • Beaute Derm Effective BB Cream

This BB Cream will give you various intensive effects. Soothing, cell regeneration, protecting, hydrating, and acceleration of your blood’s circulation.  It normalizes the over production of oil and covers up discoloration of the skin and skin flaws. It even evens out reddened skin. This matte BB Cream will leave your skin fresh all day.


  • Skin Ceramic BB Cream

This BB Cream comes in black box with  shiny english words on it. The box actually looks very classy, with the Skin Ceramic brand highligted in Silver wordings.

Behind the box is the ingredient list in ENGLISH !

However, the packaging of the BB Cream itself is very simple. It uses the color of the BB Cream itself and the tube is very much like Hanskins’ BB Creams.

  • Beaute Derm Effective BB Cream

The BB Cream comes in a purple box. Nothing special about the packaging here. The ingredient list is listed in English but it is not listed in full, but features only the main ingredients. However, the ingredient list in Korean is fully listed.

Unlike the Skin Ceramic BB Cream tube which is more flat, the Beaute Derm BB Cream is more bulky and round and less refine.

Oil Control

Last picture was taken 8 hours after the 1st picture.

As you can see, the Beaute Derm’s oil control is far more superior than the Skin Ceramic’s BB Cream. The Beaute Derm BB Cream really does keep your sebum at bay and matte for a very long time! Pretty impressive!

The Skin Ceramics is more suitable for those with dry/normal skin. Definitely doesn’t control oil like described on the box itself Open-mouthed smile

The time in which the photos are taken is written on top of the Skin Ceramic’s oil blot sheet.

Texture & Coverage

Top : Beaute Derm BB Cream

Bottom : Skin Ceramics BB Cream

The Skin Ceramics BB Cream is light in texture and spreads easily. It has also less coverage than the Beaute Derm BB Cream, but it still covers pretty well. We like it’s texture more than the Beaute Derm BB.

The BeauteDerm BB Cream is thick and dense in texture. It’s coverage is also superior than the Skin Ceramics BB Cream but it is harder to apply and you may need to rub a little harder.

Our advice is to pat the BB Creams all over your face instead of applying it with your fingers to achieve a more lighter, natural look.

Color / Shade

Right : Skin Ceramics BB

Left : Beaute Derm BB

BB Cream isn’t blended properly to the skin. It’s just to give you readers an approximation on it’s colour.

The Skin Ceramics BB Cream has a slightly lighter shade compared to Beaute Derm’s BB Cream. However, both of the colour is extremely alike and it’s difference is hardly noticeable. Both of the colours are very natural and has a little pink undertone to it.


  • Skin Ceramics BB Cream

Both BB Creams have some similarities in their ingredients. Both of them have water, cetyl ethylhexanoate, titanium dioxide, caprylic/capric triglyceride, propylene glycol, cetyl PEG / PPG – 10 Dimethicone as their first 6 ingredients.

However, Skin Ceramics BB Cream’s ingredients is much more complex than Beaute Derm’s BB Cream.

1. Sorbitan sesquioleate

Sorbitan Sesquioleate is used in a variety of products including skin care products, skin cleansing products, moisturizers, eye makeup and other makeup, primarily as an emollient. It is added to formulas as a skin soother and moisturizer and is derived from sorbitol, a humectant.

2. Ozokerite

Ozokerite is a naturally-occurring odoriferous mineral wax or paraffin found in many localities

Ozokerite and other waxes thicken lipid (oil) portion of cosmetics and personal care products and help keep emulsions from separating into their oil and liquid components. These waxes lessen the brittleness of stick products and add strength and stability to lipsticks. These waxes also hold together the ingredients of a compressed cake.

3. Licorice Root Extract

Licorice extract containing licochalcone-A, from the roots of the plant Glycyrrhiza inflata Batalin, has inhibitory actions of testosterone 5-alpha-reductase, lipase and phospholipase A2, as well as androgen receptor antagonist which reduce sebum output. It also acts as an antimicrobial with proven action against P. acnes bacteria while also being a Super Oxide Dismutase antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory

4. Human Oligopeptide

Known as EGF ( Epidermal Growth Factor). It is composed of 53 amino acids and is one of the important growth factors in human body. We spoke of this ingredient in one of the reviews.

5. Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract

Also known as Huang Qin. It is used for its astringent, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial as well as its antioxidant properties

  • Beaute Derm Effective Blemish Balm

1. Hamamelis Virginiana

Also known as Witch Hazel. Commonly used plant extract that can have potent antioxidant properties (Sources: Phytotherapy Research, June 2002, pages 364–367; and Journal of Dermatological Science, July 1995, pages 25–34) and some anti-irritant properties (Source: Skin Pharmacology and Applied Skin Physiology, March-April 2002, pages 125–132). However, witch hazel’s high tannin content (and tannin is a potent antioxidant), can also be irritating when used repeatedly on skin because it constricts blood flow. The bark of the witch hazel plant has higher tannin content than the leaves. Steam distillation for producing witch hazel water removes the tannins, but the plant’s astringent qualities are what most believe give it benefit. Alcohol is added during the distillation process, the amount typically being 14–15%.

2. Melia Azadirachta Extract

Known as Neem trea from India. Neem Extract contains Sulfur that is essential building block of collagen, with antiseptic qualities. Aloe Leaf Juice stimulates fibroblast activity and improves the skin healing. Modern science has identified hundreds of active compounds, from various parts of the plant with pesticidal, nematicidal, fungicidal, bactericidal, anti inflammatory, anti-tumor and other properties. These have found applications in the pesticide, medical, healthcare and cosmetic industries all over the world.

Environmentally, Neem is known as a natural air purifier, keeping the oxygen level in the atmosphere balanced. Neem’s ability to withstand extreme heat and water pollution is well known. It also helps to improve fertility of the soil and to rehabilitate degraded wastelands.
Women have used the healing properties of Neem for centuries in India as part of a herbal beauty tradition. A bath with a decoction of Neem leaves keeps skin supple and healthy. Face packs with Neem leaf powder offer emollient and anti aging action. The antiseptic properties of Neem leaf extract help in controlling acne.

3. Grapefruit Extract

Grapefruit seed extract is being used for many types of external skin conditions from known or unknown causes (fungal, parasites, bacteria, viral, etc). Grapefruit seed extract is a very good facial cleanser for general cleaning of oily skin and is very helpful in fighting acne infections. Used as preservatives in cosmetics.

Read this interesting article of the use of Grapefruit Extract as preservatives : here


We really like both BB Creams. You can tell that these BB Creams are of higher quality and that shows on it’s pricing.

How do you pick between the two?

If you have dry to normal skin, go for the Skin Ceramics BB Cream. It has a very nice light creamy texture which slides easily on your face. It is also packed with anti-aging, whitening, soothing ingredients and is paraben free.

If you want an excellent oil control BB Cream. Beaute Derm BB Cream is really one of the top! It really does help keep your skin matte for 5-6 hours and provides a good coverage. However it’s texture is thicker and more dense.

However, the Beaute Derm BB Cream also comes in another version for dry skin. Therefore you’ll have a hard time choosing between the Skin Ceramics and the Beaute Derm BB Cream for dry skin.

To purchase Beaute Derm BB Cream on Gmarket, type 보떼덤 이펙티브 블레미쉬 밤

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