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Hope In A Blog’s BB Collection November 13, 2010

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Dear Readers,

We have uploaded a new photo of our BB Cream collection for reviews.

Also the review giveaway will be ending in a few days, so if you haven’t signed up, do it right now. Everyone around the world is eligible for it!



Close Ups :















Any BB Creams that caught your interest ? Want to know how to buy it? Any questions? Leave a comment and we will reply!



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Latest BB Trend : BB Rollers October 26, 2010

Introducing the latest trend in BB Creams : Meet the BB Rollers!

Recently, a unique BB Cream in a roller tool form has been sparking interest and curiousity among consumers.  Instead of getting your fingers and hand all dirty, these rollers help to smooth your BB cream or foundation all over your face.

Introducing the new styled foundation/bb cream rollers :

1) IOPE Essence Massage Puff


2) Holika Holika (a subsidary of Enprani)’s Face 2 Change Liquid Roller BB SPF15 PA+ BB Roller


3) Enprani’s Roll On Cashmere Foundation


So do you think there is a difference between applying your BB cream with your fingers, with a sponge or with rollers?

Share your experience below! Smile

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BB Creams without Silicones October 17, 2010

As famous as BB Creams have become and loved, there are also a number of those who doesn’t use BB Creams because it is packed with tons of silicones.

So why the hate for silicones? Afterall the ‘smooth velvety’ feeling you feel on your skin whenever you apply your creams/bb creams/foundations/serums are all due to Silicones. They make products feel smooth, but evaporate without leaving a greasy residue unlike petrolatum. Also, Silicones are very non-reactive – meaning very little chance of causing irritation therefore making it perfect for people with sensitive skin. It creates a barrier on the skin against pollution, etc – but at the same time – the skin isn’t able to ‘breathe’ and it makes the skin congested.

However, recently a Korean company called IsoI (Koreans have this thing for making weird peculiar English abbreviations ) and guess what it stands for? I’m SO Intelligent = ISOI.

And introducing the world’s first ever Silicone-free BB Cream. The ISOI’s Bulgarian Rose White Recovery BB Cream.


Notice that the color of this BB Cream isn’t the conventional color of most BB Creams :


The main ingredient is of course Bulgarian Rose Oil distilled from roses in the Bulgarian Rose Valley. It is an expensive ingredient because to make 1ml of the oil, 3000 roses are needed.

The BB Cream claims to be paraben-free, chemical-free, silicones-free, fragrance-free.

Currently there is no way to get hold of this BB Cream, i can’t even find it on Gmarket.  If anyone knows a way, please alert me. I would love to do a review for everyone.

Also another product which also claims to be Silicone-free is TheOrangeCo’s Ecobeau BB Cream Plus. (Click on link to read it’s description) :

Ingredients : Water, Propylene Glycol, Titanium Dioxide, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, sopropyl Palmitate, Talc, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Diisostearyl Maleate, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter, Polyglyceryl-3 Diisostearate, Dimethicone, Dictamus dasycarpus turcz Extract, Houttuynia cordata thrunberg Extract, Gingko, biloba leaf Extract, Sesame seed  Extract, Padina pavonica thallus(Brown Algae) Extract, Artemisia vulgaris(Mugwort) Extract, Rosemary(Herb) Extract, Aloe Leaf extract, Kelp extract, Morus Alba Root Extract, Phaselous Radistus Seed Extract.Grycylrrhiza Glaba Root Extract, Solanum Dulcamara Stem Extract, Agaricus Bisporus mushroom Extract, Rhododendron brachycarpum Extract, Saxifraga stolonifera Extract, Magnesium Sulfate, Beeswax, Microcrystalline Wax, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Iron Oxides (CI 77492), Aluminum Hydroxide, Dipentaerythrityl Hexahydroxystearate/ Hexastearate/Hexarosinate, Iron Oxides (CI 77491), Iron Oxides (CI 77499), Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Zinc Stearate, Bisabolol, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Allantoin, Panthenol, Ultramarines (CI 77007), Zanthoxylum Piperitum Fruit Extract, Pulsatilla Koreana Extract, Usnea Barbata(Lichen) Extract, Natural Fragrance


You can find more information about this at

Dimethicone is silicone oil. And the people at The Orange Co didn’t even noticed this until Hope In A Blog pointed it out to them in an email (and we even ordered to test it but cancelled it later on)  and they took down the ‘World’s First BB Cream Without Silicones’ tagline on their website. So i say they should send Hope In A Blog some samples for free to thank us !

Anyway updated news : Ecobeau replied me and said

Thank you for email and highlighting the ingredient. We run through the ingredient list and noted Dimethicone, it is a derivative of silicone. Ecobeau lab in Korea is having long holiday now, we are awaiting for their advice on this. (we have to check which is the print error). In the mean time, to be safe, we have removed the part on silicone-free (till they revert to us).
We apologise for the error. Ecobeau is the brainchild of Prof Choi fr Kwangwoon Univ. We trust his efforts in bringing us quality pdts in most natural way.
A day later :
We have received reply from Korean lab. Yes, the new BB plus (2nd version) has added 0.3% dimethicone in order to eliminate white turbity on skin. (due to customers’ feedback on spreading). We have removed the ‘silicone-free’ on website.
Our sincere apologies on the error. At this juncture, will like to know your preference. Should we refund you the amt paid or u wish to proceed with the purchase. Look forward to hearing from u.
Thank you!


So obviously we cancelled the order, but hopefully they will be kind enough to send us a sample to see how this 3% dimethicone BB Cream compares to the rest.
2nd Update :

The Orange Co has responded and they did indeed offer a silicone free BB but recently changed it due to customer feedback because it was rather challenging for customers to spread on their skin. Thus a 0,3% dimethicone  was added to rectify this problem.

The Orange Co was kind enough to offer Hope In A Blog a sample of the BB Cream, so once we receive it, we will write a full up review on the BB Cream. Stay tuned !



Vichy AERA Mineral BB Cream October 16, 2010


Vichy, a huge and very famous French pharmaceutical cosmetic brand has hopped in the BB Cream bandwagon and announced it’s first BB Cream.


I do not know if it will be exclusively sold only in Asia, but i have not seen this around in Paris.


I could not find any information about this on the net yet, so if u have, please do share with other readers.


However, i do know that this is a mineral BB cream and it is also fragrance and paraben free.


For those of you who are curious of the color, here is two links (however they are in Chinese) :


Enprani Ray Shot BB Cream SPF 25++ October 10, 2010






I had a really bad experience with this ebay seller ( libra038 and gemini something). First off she sent me this bb cream without the packaging and the BB was not sealed !! She gaved me a USED BB cream. So all of you be careful if you deal with this seller. Enprani is quite a classy brand, therefore, one should expect nothing short of Wowness from their packaging. You can get this on Gmarket , complete with the original box and a 20ml free gift mini tube of this BB cream. The color of the tube is silver which reflects and shine when exposed to sunlight. I think they chose this color because once you smear some BB Cream on your hand and rub it, it gives the same effect and color of the tube.



Nothing fancy about the list of ingredients here, other than the main feature was for ‘whitening’. I couldn’t find anything online but i suspect since it’s for whitening, Arbutin has got to be in there somewhere.


I was deeply impressed with the texture of this BB cream. It is currently top on my list. It’s very easy to apply this BB cream and melts right on the skin. It doesnt have any sticky feeling to it, nor oily but a moist feeling. A Big Plus!


The color is rather light, and grey undertone is quite apparent. But once it melts on your skin, it gives a very nice glow, and doesnt give that white cast skin tone that some BB creams do. Natural and makes you glow! Sourire There isn’t any glitter/shimmer involved.



Coverage is good with this. It isn’t too heavy which probably some girls would not like, but as a guy, i find the coverage just nice for me!

alt alt

Oil Control

Oil control isn’t very good for this product, but those with combination-dry would best fit this product. I am more to the oily side, but i still love using this product.

I compared this BB cream with the Crazy Monkey BB cream (which i will do a review later)  and the results were as below (picture taken every 4 hours) :

alt alt alt alt

Check out more comparison with other BB Creams by clicking here


This BB is one of my favourite ones. I was really impressed with Enprani’s Ray Shot that i placed an order on the other Enprani BB Creams. I also found out that Enprani has released a new BB cream off the Ray Shot line called Ray Shot GOLD BB cream , which i will give it a miss eventhough i love the Rayshot BB because it contains gold and glitter , which is a no-no for me!


You can find both BB creams @ Gmarket at an affordable price 🙂 Much cheaper than buying it in retail stores.

Rating :


Coeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur brisé




Bio Magic Moisture White Sun Balm SPF 50 ++ September 19, 2010

First off, a little introduction on the Bio-Magic brand.

Bio Magic is the Korea latest cosmetic brand launching in year 2007, a make up series with breathing pore make up concept. It has been the top sale make up series in TV shopping Mall in Korea for 2 years in a row.  In year 2008, Bio Magic has expanded the market to Taiwan and Japan. It has successfully created a big hit last year.

RYK is the distributer of Bio-Magic in Malaysia.

You can check out their website :

They do have a few BB creams which are not featured in the website. The prices of the BB cream are a little steep (starting off at around RM 150++).

I stumbled upon this brand in my sister’s room. She bought the Bio-Magic Moisture White Sun Balm SPF 50 ++ and was quite impressed with it.

They were having promotions at Isetan@Gardens, so i went straight up to the counter to take a look at it. According to the sales girl, the Bio Magic Maven Pearl Shining BB Cream is more suitable for oily- combination skin. I tried it on my skin and there were glimmer-y glitter (which is a no no for guys) so i told the sales girl that i do not want something that has glitter on my face. She then told me that the glitter would ‘disappear’ once you apply it on your face so she tried it on me. I must say back then i didnt see any glitter on my face, the texture was light, color was natural.

I then asked the sales girl “Why does it glitter on my hand and not on my face? (because it didnt seem logical )” and she replied truthfully that she “doesn’t know”. So i bought it at Rm148 and when i went home, alas!, i noticed how glimmer-y it was on my face, it was like a disco ball and there is no way i would use that. I didnt have time to change because i had to rush to the airport for my flight back to Paris, so i exchanged the glitter ball bb cream with my sister’s Bio Magic Moisture White Sun Balm SPF 50++. ( My sister than scolded me on MSN telling me that the BB cream made her look like a disco ball and it was too dark for her )

So that was how the story how i ended up with the Moisture White Sun Balm SPF 50++. Funny that i couldnt find any photos or information regarding this BB. It isn’t listed on the Bio-Magic website.


The packaging is simple yet elegant. Nothing very fancy about it, pleasant to the eyes. It uses the airless dispenser which is always a ++ because it’s much more hygienic. HOWEVER, there is something very very annoying about this airless dispenser. I don’t know if it’s a packaging default or because the packaging’s quality is compromised due to saving costs, but it really bugs me. Over time, there is some pressure issue with the pump. There has been many times where the dispenser doesnt pump the cream out after pressing it 50 times and all of a sudden, with one push, all the cream blurts out of the dispenser. Paying RM 150++ for a cream, i do not expect so much trouble from it. I wrote an email to Bio-Magic Malaysia regarding this, and they told me that there is a tiny hole at the bottom of the dispenser, and i would have to push a stick through the hole and push the cream up.  Just the trouble and frustration of the packaging makes me NOT want to ever buy this BB cream anymore. And if that’s the case with all their BB creams, they should provide a “stick” in every bottle so clients can “PUSH” the cream up when nothing comes out. Incroyable!



I would say that the shade is about NC-20 , has a pink rosy undertone. Does blend pretty well with the skin, and you will look fairer and natural.


One of the plus points of this product is its texture, it doesnt feel oily and the texture is rather pleasant to work with. It does moisturize your skin , but for those with dry skin it is probably not enough.


It has a nice light scent to it.

Oil Control

I don’t think its made for those with oily skin, but however the texture isn’t unpleasant to work with. It is rather light and doesn’t feel uncomfortable or oily after applying it. However, after a few hours, you would probably need to blot..


I like this product, and i would use it again and again. But due to its packaging problems, i probably would’nt repurchase it anytime soon.


6.5 Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartBroken heart/ 10 ( – 2 Red heartRed heartdue to packaging! )

I can’t talk about ingredients because i dont have the box with me and i can’t find it online!