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Lirikos releases marine wrinkle cure October 22, 2011





Amore Pacific’s Lirikos is a french inspired marine-based brand ( Lirikos is Korea’s LA MER? ). Lirikos is a prestigious maritime-themed brand originally from France.Its ingredients and essence are derived from the seas, filling Lirikos products with clean freshness and an alluring mystery. The very essence and value of Lirikos is their accumulated know-how that has combined cosmetics with deep ocean water that is rich with essential minerals as well as marine placenta ingredients that were gained from the ocean, which embodies the mystery of life and birth.



Lirikos will be releasing a new product called the Lirikos Marine Wrinkle Repairing Cure 마린 링클 리페어링 큐어. UV Radiation, aging, stress increases the aging process and slows down the production of collagen, creating less elastic skin, and eventually the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.



The Lirikos Marine Wrinkle Repairing Cure contains the patented Lirikos Wrinkle Repairing Complex which consists of high concentration of deep sea mineral,seaweed, and microbial fermentation to restores your skin’s elasticity. It also contains the patented Wrinkle Lifting Complex which creates a moisture seal to prevent dry skin – a reason which will make the appearance of wrinkles more obvious. Lirikos is Korea’s LA MER?


Lirikos Releases marine soothing body gel August 7, 2011

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Amore Pacific’s marine line – LIRIKOS – will be releasing a soothing and moisturizing skin gel to deal with aftermaths of sunbaking called the LIRIKOS Marine Soothing Body Gel마린 수딩 바디젤.

The LIRIKOS Marine Soothing Body Gel quickly soothes irritated skin with marine extracts and beta glucan and protects the skin from the sun and sweat while moisturizing it.

It can be applied after shower, before going out for outdoor activities under the skin. It can even be used to soothe tired feet.