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Gmarket Haul #23 August 14, 2011

91 (7)

91 (7)


A mini-haul to try out some new products !


92 (7) 


1. AHC Intense Contour Balm 9 Free



Seller : here


This is an upgraded version of the infamous AHC Intense Contour Balm ( BB Cream ) .


First impression : Really really happy with this upgraded BB Creams. It lives up to it’s name, and there is still a huge difference between the old version and the new one. I don’t think AHC will ever discontinue the older version because it is such a classic BB Cream that everyone loves. The classic AHC Intense Contour Balm is suited for those with oilier, combination skin while the new one is suited for those with normal, drier skin. The colour and texture are also very different. The new version has a brighter, orange-y look , while the older version has a more natural neutral colour.



95 (7)


2. Ohui Black Serum


Seller : here


This is the new OHUI Black Serum. I know that it’s just screaming for an entire line which OHUI will probably release soon!


First Impression : I need to write a letter to beg OHUI not to use such heavy fragrances in their cosmetics. That aside, this serum is very nice. It absorbs really quick and plumps up your skin, makes it super smooth!


94 (7)



3. OHUI Cell Power No.1 Eye Cream


Seller : here


OHUI Cell Power No.1 Serum is one of their best sellers and to me, an absolute gem. It screams for a face cream too! I really like this eye cream, even more than the Sum37 Secret Programming Essence Eye Cream. I’ll be purchasing the full size version for sure!


93 (7)



4) Sulwhasoo Hydro Aid Moisturizing Lifting Eye Serum


Seller : here


This is the latest Sulwhasoo Hydro Aid Moisturizing Lifting Eye Serum. Have not tried.



97 (5)



5) Alonism


Seller : here


If you get this set, it is much more affordable than the prices in Sasa. For a set of 4 products, it costs about 98,000 wons. Use your 10% discount ( If you’re Gmarket VIP ) and it goes down to 89,000 wons ). That’s really cheap considering that Sasa is selling each product for about $33.

Updated : The seller has increased the price from 98,000 wons to 132,000 wons ( damnnn ! ) Luckily i bought this before the price increase. The set of 4 consists of :


1) Alonism Cell Turnaround Cream

2) Alonism Sensitive Hydrating Lotion

3) Alonism Balancing Gel Toner

4) Alonism Deep Moist Essence


I also bought two additional products :

5) Alonism Morning Essence

6) Alonism Sensitive Smooth Bubble Cleanser


First Impression : This line has caught my eye for a long time due to it’s ingredient list. I’m generally a fan of aloe vera products – and this line is enriched with lots of goodies such as Arbutin, Betaine, Beta Glucan, Centella Asiatica and all of these ingredients are high up on the ingredient list. It also uses nano-technology so that all the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. Tried the samples of the entire line that was given free and liked it. The Alonism Night Recovery Sleeping Pack was good, the one that probably left a deeper first impression. Too bad that the ingredient list isn’t very clean for this product. Don’t forget that u can win a trial pack of the entire line in our 1st Anniversary Giveaway : here


Introducing Brands : Alonism August 7, 2011




Alonism, is a new Korean brand, which Sasa has just recently started selling their products. Like it’s name – Alonism – it is a brand which focuses on Aloe Vera as its main ingredient.




All of Alonism product uses special Drug Delivery System where active ingredients are turned into Nanocrystalsome and are released at the deep layers of skin through microcapsules, instantly repairing cells and enhance skin absorption.



All of the products in the Aloe line consists of :


1. Aloe Vera – hydrates, stimulates blood circulation, aids in healing, and gives anti-inflammatory and repairing effects

2. Licorice Root Extract – whitening, anti-inflammatory and ant allergic effects.

3. Centella Asiatica Extract – anti aging, anti oxidant, reduces inflammation and aids in healing.

4. Phellinus Linteus Extract –  a mushroom extract that stimulates immunostimulating activity.


The ingredient lists of the products are rather impressive. All the active ingredients such as Arbutin, Betain, Centella Asiatica Extracts, Aloe Juice are all at the top of the ingredient list and the most concentrated. For the ingredient list , refer to our Ingredient List page : here


Here is the routine for both day and night :


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