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Woongjin Coway releases oriental medicine brand after Re:Nk : Allvit October 6, 2011





After the success of Re:NK, Woongjinjin Coway will be releasing their 2nd brand in hopes of getting a share of the over-saturated and popular traditional Chinese medicine cosmetics market called ‘Allvit올빚. The brand name has a meaning of a right-minded product, and was created by the philosophy of reviewing the old and learning the new. It is also a next-generation cosmetics brand created by modernizing traditional oriental medical science.




Allvit 올빚 will be their first venture into the oriental cosmetics market, and the brand can even be used by ladies in their 20s. Allvit 올빚 combines oriental and traditional Chinese medicine together with state of the art technology to produce more efficient products.  It applies also the fermentation of herbal ingredients together with pearls and gold which helps in the disposal of waste and toxins in the skin. EGF is also included in the formulation together with oriental herbs such as deer antlers, etc.



Oriental medicine by distillation methods and Woongjin’s technology

The Allvit demonstrates a unique manufacturing method. A secret distillation method is used in order to secure dewdrop extract from a variety of oriental medicinal ingredients. The extract dewdrop has been known for an excellent drug because it boasts abundant nutritional and healing benefits and superior absorbing power to skin.


Woongjin Cosmetics Research Center has successfully modernized this traditional method and fully differentiated the technology from existing ones which had been applied by decocting ingredients. Woongjin’s technology pursues traditional oriental medical science – empty out and then fill – to make skin clearer.


Oriental medicinal ingredients, fermented pearls and gold peptide components eliminate dead skin cells and excrete skin waste first, and then, additional oriental medicinal ingredients such as deer antlers, Chinese matrimony vines and EGF vitalize skins. This two-step medical process maximizes the effectiveness of oriental medicine.




The first product, ‘An-on’ Line

The An-on Line is the first product of the Allvit brand. It realized triple-step care system for women’s moist, nutritional and supple skins. The result of its clinical demonstration showed positive changes of 32% in skin elasticity, 17.7% in skin thickness and 13.6% in skin texture. This product is expected to deliver new values as innovative oriental cosmetics to women in their twenties and thirties.


Best of the Best prize from the Reddot Award, Sa-Ik Jang, and Chae-Won Moon


The container design is the figuration of dewdrops on the lotus leaves. It won the Best of the Best prize at the Reddot Design Award 2011 for the first time in the domestic cosmetics industry. This prize was granted to just 1.2% of a total of 6,468 entries.
The calligraphy brand logo was created by Sa-Ik Jang, a well-known artist, who is striving to popularize Korean classical music through combining it with modern music. And Chae-Won Moon who is giving off elegant charm through a historical drama on TV was selected as the main model of the Allvit. Her image is expected to go well with the brand image of the Allvit and further appeal to women in their twenties and thirties.



Leapfrogging into Korea’s leading oriental cosmetics brand and entering overseas markets in 2013

The oriental cosmetics market volume was estimated to reach KRW2 trillion in 2010, representing approximately 25% of total cosmetics market in Korea. Seolhwasoo of Amore Pacific and Whoo of LG Household & Healthcare generated KRW1.2 trillion through door-to-door sales in othe same period. Woongjin Coway plans to make the Allvit leapfrog into Korea’s leading oriental cosmetics brand by expanding the product lineups to more than 50 items until 2013, and enter overseas markets

Since the launch of Re:NK brand in September 2010, Woongjin Coway made the top 5 in terms of quarterly sales in less than a year. Sales in the domestic cosmetics business reached KRW35.3 billion in 1H, achieving 59% of KRW60 billion, the company’s yearly target. Number of sales organizations and salespersons expanded to 339 and 3,391. These figures marked 121% and 113% of yearly targets, respectively. The domestic cosmetics business is expected to boost in the second half of the year, as the company plans to proactively expand sales channels into department stores and duty free shops.

Joon-Kee Hong, CEO of Woongjin Coway, said, “We expect that our Allvit brands will deliver new values as innovative oriental cosmetics to women. The Re:NK and Allvit will become our main cosmetics brands and contribute to our progress into Korea’s leading cosmetics company.”



Doesn’t the top of their packaging reminds you of pearls? 





Coway aims to expand the brand by releasing a whitening range, hair products, cleansing range – with a total of 50+ items by 2013, and plans to dominate the Chinese market.



The launch will start with the Moisture Revival line which consists of 5 products :



1. Allvit Moisture Revival Essence 올빚 안온 에센스


2. Allvit Moisture Revival Cream 올빚 안온 크림


3. Allvit Moisture Revival Eye Cream 올빚 안온 아이크림


4. Allvit Moisture Revival Toner 올빚 안온 스킨


5. Allvit Moisture Revival Emulsion 올빚 안온 로션



The price range will be from 50,000 wons ( toner / emulsion ) right up to 150,000 wons ( cream ) , and it is already available on Gmarket!



Sulwhasoo and History Of Whoo…. are you ready for more competition ? Let the games begin!