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AHC releases Intense Total Solution Hydration May 25, 2011


AHC will be releasing an intense hydration line consisting of plant stem cell extracts and botanical extracts called the Intense Total Solution Hydration Gen line.

The line will also feature green tea extracts, rice bran, oryza sativa callus culture extract, etc.


The line will consist of a a few products – namely the Serum Set, and also the Solution Set.

1. AHC Capture The Moisture Hydration Gen Solution 인텐스 토탈 솔루션



This is a toner + ampoule + serum = 3 in 1 product!

This special toner quenches skin’s thirst with botanical vital enery and abundant moisture, restoring skin’s moisture balance, relieving stress, and restoring vitality for a more luminous appearance.


2. AHC Capture The Moisture Hydration Gen Cream 하이드레이션 젠 크림



This cream helps capacity of skin to retain moisture and helps firm the skin. It is also a anti-wrinkle cream which uses bamboo sap


3. AHC Hydration Gen Shea Butter Clearing Cleanser


One step cleanser with Shea Butter, pH-balanced for your skin’s health. Contains various vegetable ingredients which cleanses the skin without drying it.

Contains Papaya enzymes, lemon extracts, green tea, aloe vera extracts.

4. AHC Hydration Gen Serum 하이드레이션 젠 세럼 세트


Highly moisturizing essence which is microencapsulated with plant oils. Uses deep ocean water which is mineral and nutrient rich.