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The Face Shop expands THE SMIM line September 18, 2011





LG’s The Face Shop fermentation line THE SMIM was a huge hit last year ( article : here ). Based on  pure sake ingredients extracted from natural fermentation, these products will contain natural fermentation crystals that will penetrate deep into the skin. The product is being produced in the Tottori Prefecture of Japan which upholds a 145 year tradition of producing the country’s top Sake by fermentation while using LG Household and Health Care’s technology to create an efficient product. ( LG already has a premium fermentation based line – Su:m 37 ). The sake contains ingredients such as amino acids, peptides which will moisturize dry skin and improve the skin’s elasticity and density.



Especially suitable for the young working adult from 25~35 years old, experience the Perfect Skin Density with THE SMIM.

Do you find that your skin is no longer as good as before because of work or study stress?

Do you know what the ideal skin density is?

Dewy, supple skin completely hydrated with perfect skin resilience. This can be achieved when your skin cells absorbs all the moisture and nutrients needed to maintain high skin cell density efficiently. THE SMIM line offers 100% hydration with instant absorption.



Due to it’s popularity, The Face Shop will be expanding the line with 3 new anti-wrinkle products with the patented ‘SMIM Fermented Juice’ which uses pure fermentation techniques of Tibetan Mushroom Juice Extracts :



1. The Face Shop THE SMIM Fermented Juice Serum 스밈 발효 원액 에센스


2. The Face Shop THE SMIM Fermented Juice Cream 스밈 발효원액크림


3. The Face Shop THE SMIM Fermented Juice Eye Cream 스밈 발효 원액 아이크림



There is currently no official English translation at the moment, but the new products are not to be confused with the products that were released earlier on. They have a different name, packaging, and formulation.



The line is free from parabens, benzophenone, fragrances, artificial coloring and animal ingredients.