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Dr MJ releases luminous whitening toner September 7, 2011





Dr. MJ ( from the same company as BRTC ) will be releasing an entire new line called the Dr MJ Luminous Whitening line. 루미너스 화이트닝 라인



It is a moisturizing and brightening line. Uses the patented ‘Radiance Complex’ which consists of sage, wheat germ, HOVENIA SEMEN CUM FRUCTUS, Platycodon grandiflorus to help in skin regeneration and circulation to give you a clear skin complexion. Whitening ingredients such as Niacinamide are also included.



Perfect for those who are suffering from redness caused by acne and sensitive skin, as well as those who wants to gets their skin’s radiance back.



The line will consist of 4 products :



1) Dr MJ Luminous Whitening Toner 루미너스 화이트닝 토너

2) Dr MJ Luminous Whitening Serum 루미너스 화이트닝 세럼

3) Dr MJ Luminous Whitening Cream 루미너스 화이트닝 크림

4) Dr MJ Luminous Whitening Eye Cream 루미너스 화이트닝 아이크림