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Snail Escargot Cream craze spreading to the rest of asia March 18, 2011


In 2009, there was a boom in the popularity of snail creams in Korea.

In 2010, the snail cream craze heightened and now in 2011, it has spread to Japan and sooner or later – the rest of Asia.

Snail Creams are a hit among Japanese tourists in Korea. Japanese brands has been monitoring this situation and will be introducing their own snail creams this year.

Amore Pacific’s Etude House released their snail cream at the end of last year. The cream contains 73% of snail extract and is paraben-free, artificial colouring-free, artificial fragrance free and alcohol free.

LG’s The Face Shop launched also their version of the snail cream called  Sseal Secret Seal Of Nature which contains 60% Snail Mucin together with Panthenol and paraben-free.

The most famous of the lot is probably the snail cream from It’s Skin. Aiming at a higher-end market and luxurious packaging, their Prestige Creme Escargot was such a hit that a lotion, emulsion, bb cream, and body cream from the Escargot line was introduced. The It’s Skin cream contains 12,600mg of snail mucin.

Nature Republic has also joined the bandwagon recently and will be introducing their Snail Therapy Set which will consist of a Cream, Serum and Eye cream.

Tony Moly has also introduced their Live Snail Intense Repair line which started from a cream and now expanded to an eye cream, mask and serum due to high demands.

Elisha Coy has also recently introduced their Skin Repair Snail cream, and has achieved amazing sales after being introduced in Japan in just one day! The Elisha Coy Snail Cream consists of 91% Snail Mucin with Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera extracts. A Mask and Eye Patch will also be released.


VoV has also recently released their snail cream called Es : Pair Snail Ampoule Cream containing 71% Snail Filtrate.

Here is a list of all the Korean brands which have a snail line. Included are also the Korean names if you want to purchase them on Gmarket :

Brand Title Capacity Price
Nature Republic Snail Therapy Set (스네일 테라피 80 크림) Cream (55ml) + Serum Ampoule (30ml) + Eye Cream (20ml) 69,000 wons (for 3 products)
The Face Shop Sseal Snail Rejuvenating Cream 씰: 리쥬브네이팅 50ml 42,000 won
Magis Lene 마지스 레네 Magis Lene Celvien Choc 셀비앙쇽 셀 리페어링 울트라 크림 50g 75,000 won
Etude House Darling Cream 달링 크림 50ml 23,000 won
Elisha Coy 스킨 리페어링 스네일 크림 50g 45,000 won
It’s Skin 스킨 리페어링 스네일 크림 60ml 60,000 won
Tony Moly 인텐스 리페어 라이브 45ml 36,000
VoV 에스페어 스네일 앰플 크림 Unknown Unknown

I’m sure that there’s a reason behind all these hype and craze. We’ve tried a few snail creams and we’ve generally liked all of it. Somehow you can’t just go wrong with Snail Creams!

Tried any particular brand of Snail Creams? Share your experience with other readers here.

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VOV releases make-up line ‘Suboon’ February 19, 2011




VOV’s SUBOON which is a rather new make-up brand has just released a few products which we will introduce below.






First off is the Water Pact or the Suboon pact which is a make up base pact which provides Sun Protection ( SPF 25 PA ++ ) , and moisture to the skin. Korea’s first cosmetic product which applies the ISL Coating Formulation, the pact provides your skin a hydration boost. This pact has already been getting rave reviews from customers and is used by many Korean actresses.






Also from the Suboon line – you have the SUBOON Cover Pact which cover blemishes and gives you clear skin , the SUBOON Mineral Powder which also give you a clear, moist, long lasting flawless skin.


Start your make-up regimen with the SUBOON Filler Essence which acts as a 3-1 product. It acts as a make-up primer, a make up base,  and also an anti-aging cream.


Also from the SUBOON line is the SUBOON Essence Foundation – a smooth liquid type foundation which covers all skin imperfection and sooth your dry skin.




Last but not least is the SUBOON BB Essence SPF 30 PA ++. Using Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Royal Jelly, and Collagen – the SUBOON BB Essence acts as an essence to nourish your skin and provides it with hydration and covers your skin’s imperfections. 47 % of the BB Essence consists of moisturizing ingredients.


Tired of make up that doesn’t work well with your dry skin? Try the VOV SUBOON line and tell us if it really lives up to the hype it is currently generating.


SUBOON is endorsed by Korean actress, Han Ye Seul




To purchase SUBOON products, look for 보브의 수분 에센스 비비 ( BB cream ) , 수분팩트 ( Pact ) , 수분커버팩트(SUBOON Cover Pact)  , 수분미네랄 파우더 (SUBOON Mineral Powder ), 수분필러 에센스(SUBOON Filler Essence) , 수분 에센스 파운데이션(SUBOON Essence Foundation) on Gmarket







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