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Cosme.Net 2010 Best Cosmetics Awards December 17, 2010

cios is Japan’s biggest and most prestigious cosmetics website. It hands out its awards which is based on the average reviews collected and the overall points each product received in a year. It receives about 8 million reviews each year.


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New Skin Food Sheet Tissue Masks + New Products Lineup December 1, 2010


Skinfood will be releasing a line of tissue sheets featuring a variety of ‘food’ ingredients :


These ‘tissue sheets’ also are actually daily masks!

a) Brazilian Nut Oil Sheets( 265ml x 20 sheets – 9,900 korean won ) – contains brazil nut oil which helps lubricate and moisturize the skin, provides antioxidant benefits with its high selenium content, helps prevents dryness, and leaves skin soft, smooth, and hydrated.


b) Sea Buckthorn Berries Sheets ( 265ml x 20 sheets – 9,900 korean won )  – The fruit of the plant has a high vitamin C content with an average content  about 15 times greater than oranges — placing sea-buckthorn fruit among the most enriched plant sources of vitamin C. The fruit also contains dense contents of carotenoids, vitamin E, amino acids, dietary minerals, and polyphenols.

c) Maple Sheets ( 265ml x 20 sheets – 9,900 korean won ) – known for its effectiveness in treating wounds and skin diseases in Africa. It also controls secretion of excessive sebum.



Also, there will be a few new products for the body to combat the harsh cold dry winter season :

New line-up will contain a variety of body scrubs, body lotions, body masks, body cleansers, body gels, shower gels, body oils






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New : SkinFood’s Omega Inca line & Cosmetic launch November 24, 2010


Skinfood – ‘good cosmetics nade with delicious food’ – has released it’s new line – called the Omega Inca  line.

So what exactly is the INCA Omega Oil ?

This vegetable oil is extracted from the seeds of the Sacha Inchi plant, a small plant that produces mall hermaphrodite flowers producing small pods which has usually 6 lobes. This plant is cultivated mainly in Peru at the heart of the Inca culture. Inca Omega Oil contains one of the highest amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids among all oily seeds used for human consumption. It reaches an average of 48% content of alfa-linolenic acid (omega 3) and an average of 37% content of linolelic acid (Omega 6). Additionally it also contains 8% of Oleic Acid (Omega 9).

Not only that, it is also very high in Tocopherol ( Vitamin E) concentration.

Abilities of Inca Omega Oil includes :

– Reduction of Trans-Epidermal Water Loss

– Improvement of Skin Barrier function

– Reduces hyper-sensitivity

– Improves microcirculation

– PUFA (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids) protect the cell’s membrane and prevent the destruction of DNA.

Products in the INCA Line will include :

1) Essence 140ml – 9,900 won

2) Emulsion 140ml – 9,900 won

3) Cream 50ml – 10,900 won

4) Eye cream 25ml – 9,900 won


Also, Skinfood will also be launching it’s first cosmetics make up line at the end of the year.  Pearl with be the highlight of the line.

The makeup line will include

1) Cake Party All Over Powder – 13,900 won – consists of 4 eye shadow colors (can be used as highlighter, blush or powder too).

2) Partty Pearl Lip Gloss – 5,900 won

3) Pearl Party –2,900 won – nail polish with shimmering silver glitter.

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