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Banila Co BB Cream Differences November 13, 2010






Introducing the latest BB Cream from Banila Co, Let Me Dressed Glam BB Cream SPF 37 PA ++

I personally only have the Let me BeBe Nude and Let me Dressed Matte but i’ll go through the three BB creams and differences :



Let Me Bebe Naked


Let Me Bebe has 3 options to it .It is the most basic of the 3 BB Creams and has the lightest coverage. It has SPF 37 packed into it.

Firstly, we have the Let Me Bebe Sheer

Secondly, more natural and lighter Let Me Bebe Nude

And lastly, you have the Let Me Bebe luminous, which has shimmers and glitters on it to give you a superstar look!




Let Me Touched Glow


Let Me Touched is the 2nd of the BB Series and gives a slighty better/heavier coverage than the Let Me Bebe Naked. Like the Let Me Bebe, it also contains SPF 37. It also gives a subtle glow and shine to your face.

I’ve seen some impressive before-after photos with this BB Cream , for example :


It comes in three different shades.

Firstly , in Yellow Beige

Secondly, in Pink Beige

And last but not least, in Classic Beige

And borrowed some images from a few blogs comparing the three colors :


C – Classic Beige, P-  Pink Beige , Y – Yellow Beige


Let Me Dressed Glam


Let Me Dressed Glow is their latest BB Cream, It is said to give the best coverage out of the three BB Creams,and on top of it, it offers 12 options ! Wow !

For this BB Cream, there are 4 colors to choose from, and for each color, we are able to choose from two formulation – one for dry skin (MOIST) , and the other for oily skin (MATTE) . Banila Co has really spoilt their fans with this as no BB company has offered this much option before.

It also contains SPF 37 like the other two BB range.

And a comparison of once each from the three range from a korean blog :



Left to Right : Bebe, Touched, Dressed.

You can see the coverage difference : Let Me Dressed has the heaviest coverage compared to the Let Me Bebe.

Another comparison :







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Hope In A Blog’s BB Collection

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Dear Readers,

We have uploaded a new photo of our BB Cream collection for reviews.

Also the review giveaway will be ending in a few days, so if you haven’t signed up, do it right now. Everyone around the world is eligible for it!



Close Ups :















Any BB Creams that caught your interest ? Want to know how to buy it? Any questions? Leave a comment and we will reply!



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Etude House Missing U Hand Cream / Lip Balm

Recently Etude House released a series of  four species of endangered animals hand cream called ‘Missing U’ series.

This four animals are respectively the pink dolphins, panda bear, fairy penguin, and the harp seal.

Each endangered species contains their own flavour – the penguin contains baby powder , the seal contains green tea, the panda contains peaches, and the pink dolphins contains Peony flower. Of course they all have Shea Butter and also Herb Water.


So cute aren’t they?

The best thing about this is that proceeds from the sales of this hand cream will be donated to the Animal Protection Association. So when you’re buying this cute goodies, you will be doing charity at the same time !

They are sold for 4500won (3 euros / 4 USD ) for 30ml.

And good news for you fans out there, Etude House has just announced the lip balm version of the Missing U series!


The penguin is made of Green Apple flavour, the panda made of peach, the seal made of orange, and the pink dolphin made of cherries! Smile

Also, olive oil, shea butter and vitamin E are included to prevent aging of the lips and create a perfect moisture barrier on the lips.

Each lip balm will be sold for 4900won (3.2 euros / 4.4 USD ) for 15ml. All proceeds will be donated.

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BB Cream with high spf (above SPF 40) November 12, 2010

Dear Readers,

I have compiled all the BB Creams that i know that is more than SPF 40 so make your BB Cream search easier. Here are the BB Creams which have rather high SPF :

1) BRTC Gold Caviar Blemish Balm BB Cream SPF 50 PA+++ 35g

2) COOGI-HOSI Super 3 Action BB cream SPF45 PA+++ 50ml


3) Baviphat men’s BB cream, sun block lotion SPF 50/PA +++


4) LANEIGE Snow BB Cream SPF41 PA++ 50ml (Available in 2 shades)

5) MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream No.23 SPF42 PA+++ 50ml

6) Tony Moly NANO GOLD BB cream SPF50PA+++

7) Tonymoly Expert 3D Collagen BB Cream SPF40 50g

8) Tonymoly M10 For Men BB Cream SPF40 50g

9) Dr Jart Gold Label Premium BB Cream SPF45 40ml

10 ) Elisha Coy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream SPF45+++

11) Lancome BB Base UV Expert GN Shield SPF50 PA +++

12) Danahan Ecopure Organic B.B. Cream Sun Base SPF 46 / PA++

13) Beauty Credit CoEnzyme Q10 B.B. Sun Base (SPF 46 / PA++)

14) Hanskin Silky Treatment BB Cream SPF 50 PA+++

15 ) LG Cathy Cat Essence Sun BB 50ml SPF50+/PA+++

16) LG Cathy Cat Sun BB Stick SPF50/PA+++ 19g

17 ) DR MJ’s Balance Sun Protect BB Cream SPF 50+++/PA +++ 50ml

18) CEDIA Rice Stem Cell Whitening Blemish Balm BB Cream SPF 40

19) CEDIA Rose Stem Cell Sensitive Blemish Balm BB Cream SPF 40

20) COSMO Biogem SSCRDA Multi-Illuminating Blemish Balm SPF 45/ PA ++ ( Search for 코스모 비오젬 SSCRDA 멀티 일루미네이팅 블레미쉬 밤 on Gmarket )

21) IPKN Luxury BB Cream SPF 42 PA ++ ( 입큰 럭셔리 로얄 에센스 비비(SPF42PA++) )

22) CNP Laboratory Blemish Block and Barrier Formula Plus SPF 46, PA ++ ( Search for (CNP) B.B.B포뮬라 SPF46PA++ )

23) Shi Chang Sheng Longevity Beautiful Lines BB 십장생 아름다운 선(嬋) 비비크림 SPF50PA+++

24) IPKN White Signity Tinted SunLotion SPF45 PA++

25) Fueki Anti-Aging BB Cream SPF 40PA ++ ( Search for [후에키 에센스같이촉촉 on Gmarket )

26) IPKN Skinny Fit BB Cream SPF 45/PA ++ ( 큰 스키니 핏 크리미 비비[자외선차단 기능 SPF45/PA++ )

27) Baviphat Office Lady Triple BB Cream SPF 45 PA +++ ( baviphat 바비펫 오피스 레이디 트리플 비비크림 SPF45/PA+++ )

28 ) History Of Whoo Whitening BB Cream SPF 45 PA +++ Red heart ( 청안선 비비 ) – love this brand!

29 ) Cellabel Homme Color Sun Balm SPF 50 + / PA +++ ( 이지함 셀라벨 옴므 A.C 오션 컬러 선밤SPF50+PA+++)

30 ) Peri-Pera Light (for oily skin)  / Peri Pera I Love BB Cream SPF

(for combi-dry skin) ( 아이 러브 비비크림 SPF50+/PA+++)

31 ) Clio’s Small Face BB Cream SPF 50 PA+++

32 ) Laneige Homme BB Cream SPF 41 / PA ++

33) Vonin The Style Shaking BB SPF 42 PA +++

34 ) OHUI Perfect Sunblock Blemish Balm 45ml SPF50+ PA +++ 오휘 선 사이언스 퍼펙트 선블록 블레미쉬 밤

35 ) Innisfree Eco Natural Suncare BB Cream ( 이니스프리 에코 내추럴 선케어 비비크림 )

36) Charmzone Gingko Natural Multi BB Cream SPF 50 PA +++ ( 참존 징코 내츄럴 멀티 비비크림)

37 ) Charmzone DeAGE Multi BB Cream SPF 50 / PA +++ (참존 디에이지 멀티 비비크림)

38 ) Baviphat Dereom Mineral Whitening Anti Wrinkle BB Cream 데레온 미네랄 화이트닝 안티링클 비비크림 SPF50/PA+++

39 ) Sulwhasoo Lumitouch Multi Base SPF 50 PA +++ ( 설화수 예서 멀티 베이스 )

39 ) A3F[on] Multi Effect BB Cream SPF 50 PA +++ 에이쓰리에프온A3F[on] 멀티 이펙트 비비크림

40 ) Crazy Monkey To Be Natural Premium BB Face Solution Cream 50ml.

41) Crazy Monkey  d’Argan BB Perfect Liquid Cream(50ml) SPF 45 PA ++

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Enprani Vital BB Cream November 11, 2010


This is a basic BB Cream from the Enprani Group. It was their first BB Cream , but it’s popularity faded when Enprani came out with their best-selling BB Cream – “ All That B.B “ . To know how old and basic this BB Cream is, you will need to know that it doesn’t even contain any SPF. Almost all the new generation of BB Creams contains SPF nowadays.



The Enprani Vital BB Cream comes in a very nice glossy black box. The BB Cream is stored in a little bulky  pump. It is really cute in a way, but maybe inconvenient for you ladies to bring it out with you since it’s really bulky! The pump is also rather hard to control so sometimes we pump too much BB Cream out!


I would not have much to comment here because i do not have the ingredient list here with me! However from the Enprani Website, i managed to catch one of the main ingredient :

1) Bradykinin (found in aloe gel)

According to Wiki, Bradykinn is a peptide that causes blood vessels to dilate (enlarge), and therefore causes blood pressure to lower .Bradykinin is an inflammatory nonapeptide (9- amino acid peptide chain)  originating in the plasma  So why is it used in cosmetics? It has now been determined that one of the essential characteristics of sensitive skin (reactions of skin irritation and intolerance) are associated, in particular, with the release of these neuropeptides, induced by bradykinin.

Thus, it has now been determined that the use of a bradykinin antagonist permits the preventive and/or curative therapeutic treatment of sensitive skinTo treat sensitive skin, bradykinin antagonists are hereby employed. Indeed, it has now surprisingly been found that the formulation of bradykinin antagonists into a cosmetic, pharmaceutical or dermatological composition avoids the irritationand/or dysaesthesic sensations in and/or pruritus of the skin and/or of the mucous membranes.
Briefly, the present invention features the formulation of at least one bradykinin antagonist into topically applicable compositions comprising a cosmetically, pharmaceutically or dermatologically acceptable medium, for treating sensitive skin.

To read more : head over here and here !

Texture and Color

The Enprani Vital has a nice rather light texture to it. In a way it is also rather creamy, and compared to the Enprani Rayshot it is creamier and thicker in texture.  It is also very easy to spread on the skin and has a greasy texture to it!

As seen below, Enprani Vital has a darker color compared to the rest, but don’t worry, once applied to the skin, it blends with the skin color.

Oil Control

Oil Control is rather poor for the Enprani Vital BB Cream. However, it would be suitable for those with combination – combination dry skin.

Picture taken after an hour : As you can see the paper blot is already very oily even after only 1 hour!

When compared to other brands : A – Alexander Kimsco CM – Crazy Monkey ER – Enprani Rayshot EV – Enprani Vital

After 10 minutes :

After 45 minutes :

After 2 hours :

Before putting on Enprani Vital : –1 for both Skin Texture and Moisture. Normal for Oiliness.

After putting on Enprani Vital : + 1 for oiliness, moisture, and texture.


This BB Cream has an average coverage. It will cover well if you do no not have much skin problems.

On my left cheek which has a lot of old cystic acne scars :

And on my right cheek which is much better !

When being compared to other BB Creams :


As said in the introduction, this is a very basic BB cream. It does it job like all BB Creams, and is more suitable for those with drier skin. It does have a good staying power though. It doesn’t have sunscreen so you have to apply another layer of sunscreen before applying the BB cream. Like all Korean cosmetics , it has fragrance in it, and thank god, it isn’t heavily scented !

Repurchase? Probably not… there are so much other options. However if you are looking for a cheap BB Cream as a base, or just as a light coverage for night use ( as u don’t need sunscreen at night – when you need to go to the mamak with friends etc  )  this BB cream could be an option.


Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart

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Nature Republic The Jin EGF Essence Booster November 10, 2010

One of Korea’s fastest growing Cosmetic company, Nature Republic, has announced today a new product called The Jin EGF Essence Booster.

So what is EGF and this obsession with EGF in Korean cosmetics lately?  What does it stand for?

EGF simply stands for Epidermal Growth Factor. It is a growth factor that plays an important role in the regulation of cell growth, proliferation, and differentiation by binding to its receptor EGFR. There is research showing it to be helpful for wound and burn healing

EGF is the perfect marketing tool in cosmetics because the discovery of EGF won Stanley Cohen ( University of Vanderbilt) a Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1986 and was then later patented for cosmetic use by Greg Brown in 1989.

However, there is also research showing that its effect is no different from that of a placebo and that it may not even be effective when applied on the skin. EGF causes hair loss and is used commercially to remove wool from sheep. Clinical studies of EGF has also been reduced because of its toxicities, and at certain concentration and lengths of application, it may cause cells to overproliferate ( thus causing cancer ). There is no exact proof to this.

However i doubt that the EGF concentration here is anyway high at all, and probably below 0,5%  or much less than that, considering it’s rather cheap price. The price is very affordable like all Nature Republic products, and probably worth a try.

The Nature Republic EGF line will boost 3 products – lotion, essence, cream, eye cream and sooner or later, a BB cream!

Retailed for 28,000 Korean Wons / 40ml .

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Gmarket Haul Number 4! :D November 9, 2010

If there was such thing as Gmarket Super VIP, I should be one.

This was my 4th Gmarket spree. Almost a spree each week.

Less goodies than the previous spree, but lots of goodies for our readers! Smile

Sorry for not taking photos of the opening of boxes because i threw them away on the way back.

I had to pick the huge Gmarket box up from the main box office which is 40 minutes journey from my home, and i really hate Chronopost ( i call it CON-opost because it is really a conjob and the company is a real joke! ) but it happens to be the company in charge of EMS postage in France.

So in the Metro ( and in front of everyone ) i had to open up the boxes one by one and put the items in a huge bag.

Here you will see many BB Cream brands which none of you will probably know, but in Korea, they are the highest range of BB Creams available.

1) This is not from Gmarket – but from Ebay Germany. Dr Schrammek‘s The Original BB Cream that launched the BB Craze. I am excited to test this product!

2) First Up – this is a new brand in Korea – it says Giverny Paris – but don’t be mistaken – the brand isn’t even available here in Paris ( the one we have here is Givenchy so not to be confused ). This BB Cream has been a hot-seller, and it has been sold out a few times on Gmarket!  This is the premium edition, but they do have lower range edition which is cheaper. I was given lots of samples, so which lucky reader will win these samples?? Open-mouthed smile

3) Woorijin is the company  that produces the most expensive BB Creams in Korea – they are all premium high end and the most expensive BB Cream of theirs retail for about $150 – $200 USD. They gave me samples of Alexander Kimsco which is their most expensive BB brand, and also SunnySide VIP BB Cream which retails for aroun $120 USD. I bought the middle range BB Cream of theirs to try and very excited to review and see if it lives up to their price tag.

4) Next up we have DR MJ Escargot’s BB Cream which uses snail slime as their main ingredients. This BB Cream retails for about $80 USD but it was on 50% so i bought it and they were very generous with samples as u can see. They even gave a full size Jasmine mask, 2 sheet masks, a box of Escargot’s different creams and also a few samples of DR MJ’s different BB Cream.

5) AHC is also a high end premium brand and very reputable for it’s BB Cream – the 30ml retails at $70 USD while the 50ml at $90 USD. We’ll see how this fares.

6) BeauteDerm’s BB Cream was also on a buy 1 free 1 promotion, so i grabbed it. I have read very positive reviews around, and they have two different BB creams. One for oily skin, and the other for dry skin. I ordered the one with oily & combination skin. They were also very generous with their samples.

7) Last but not least, Suiskin. This is also quite a relatively new brand in Korea, and they were very generous with their samples! I will be giving lots of Suiskin freebies to our readers. Isn’t the packaging just gorgeous and lovely? Classy!

It even comes with a certificate! Open-mouthed smile

So there you have it , our 4th GMarket Haul. We did not buy much, but lots of samples were given! Definitely good news for our readers! Open-mouthed smile

Take your pick!

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