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SK-II launches Men’s line October 2, 2011






Finally… SK-II will be releasing a men’s line ! Meet the SK-II MEN which will launch with 3 products at the moment :

1. SK-II Men Moisturizing Cleanser

2. SK-II Men Facial Treatment Essence

3. SK-II Men Age Revitalize Moisturizer



No idea if the Facial Treatment Essence for men will be any difference with the normal one, but the packaging is definitely nicer! The redness also gives a very nice touch to it.



The SK-II Men Facial Treatment Essence promises :

In 1 Day – Skin is immediately moisturized and feels refreshed

In 3 Days – Skin becomes significantly more moisturized

In 7 Days – Skin becomes less oily with significant reduction in sebum secretion levels

In 14 Days – Skin tone becomes brighter



Never saw the need for SK-II to be releasing a ‘men’s version’ – but this product is probably the same thing as the normal version other than just to feed their machoism.




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