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Daalstory ( from the makers of Skinfood ) on HUGE SALE now! September 28, 2011







Thanks to a tip-off from our beloved reader, Maria, we got to know about this amazing deal that Daalstory is currently having right now. I’ve always known Daalstory as the other brand Skinfood produces, but have never tried any of it’s product – therefore this is the best time to be trying this product at a heavily discounted price!



As not many of you might know, Daalstory is a brand from the Skinfood family. Unlike Skinfood which focuses on food and fruits, Daalstory is a oriental herbal fermentation brand which uses a natural lactic acid fermentation which is used in various applications such as Kimchi, Yogurt production, and Sauerkraut. Lactic acid is obtained after a steady process of fermentation and is a type of AHA which is a powerful exfoliant, effective in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and hyperpigmentation. Moreover, it also enhances the skin texture and stimulates the production of collagen within the skin cells. What makes it better than glycolic acid is that it doesn’t cause irritations or allergic reactions.


I’ll just do a quick recap on the different lines that are available :





Their main and star product is the Daalstory First Serum  ( ummm, rings a bell? Think harder…. – Yes, the same name as Sulwhasoo’s First Care Serum ). I’m not sure if the similar name with Sulwhasoo was intentional but both serums are Boosting Serum, both sort of have the same colour and texture…. but the difference is that the Daal First Serum contains real gold powder with plum fermentation extract ( 50% ) as well as Ginseng, Dong Guai, Koji fermented using the lactic acid fermentation – all that at a price 1/4 of Sulwhasoo’s First Care Serum.






There is also the Blue line ( Daal Aqua Drop )  which is a hydrating line which is the fermentation product of tree extracts, fruits, and vegetables.






The orange line ( Daal Moisture Drop ) is a moisturizing line for drier skin which contains natural lactic acid fermentation of herbal products such as ginseng, dong guai, koji, honey, etc to give you healthy and nourished skin.





The last line  is the Daal Whitening Drop line which is the whitening line. It features yeast fermentation of herbal ingredients with pumpkin seed extracts. It also contains Arbutin and Adenosine! The essence has 2% of Adenosine ( as opposed to the 4% in the new Lancôme Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector but cost 1/8 of the Lancome Serum price ).




To purchase these products which are on a 30-50% sale , just type Daal on Gmarket and you’re good to go. The sale ends on the 31st of October – so no hurry!


lalavesi releases limited quantity bb cream + launch promotion





Lalavesi has recently launched a limited edition product called the Lalavesi Darkening Zero Super Powder BB Cream 슈퍼 파우더 비비.



For the launch of this limited edition BB Cream, it will be sold at only 12,900 instead of 17,900 and only 1000 quantity of this BB Cream will be on sale.





It will contain SPF 30. The BB Cream will also contain whitening and anti aging ingredients together with a bright shade to brighten the entire face.


Skin79 upgrades Super Beblesh Balm !







Skin79 will be releasing an upgraded version of their super-famous BB Cream – the Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm / 365 바이탈 비비크림.


The new BB Cream will feature the ‘Vital V Complex’ which consists of 5 vitamins : Vitamin A, C, E, F. It will also have an upgraded SPF – an SPF of 50+ compared to the older version with SPF 25.