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KT&G buys over Somang Cosmetics–releases first oriental medicine brand September 26, 2011






KT&G ( originally named as ‘Korea Tobacco & Ginseng’ which later changed to ‘Korea Tomorrow & Global Corporation ) is the leading tobacco company in South Korea , but has significant affiliates such as a ginseng corporation.



KT&G bought over Somang Cosmetics Co. ( which produces brands such as Beauty Credit, Ecopure, Danahan ) on June 24th 2011 to expand into the cosmetic area – and now is ready to to introduce their first brand since the merge – another Oriental Medicine skincare brand called LLang ( () ). KT&G expects to create synergy from the mixture of its own facilities for raw material supply, and R&D in pharmaceutical areas, ginseng and other health foods that it produces with Somang‘s R&D, production know-how and distribution channels. The tobacco company plans to expand its Oriental medicinal herb cosmetics line by taking advantage of Somang‘s cosmetics production and marketing capacities.



The brand will be named LLang which will be symbolized by the Chinese character . Look closely and you’ll notice that the brand’s Chinese character consists of 4 月 ( which means moon in Chinese ) , signifying and amplifying the radiance of the moon which the brand aims to give to your skin.



The brand’s star ingredient will of course be red ginseng especially grown by KT&G which boasts the best red ginseng production technology in the world. The brand will introduce two lines – a cleansing line with 3 products and a basic line which will have 7 products , not forgetting also another 15 products which consists of hair care, body care, etc. A men’s line will also follow in the future. The line will be sold in all Beauty Credit and Somang stores by the end of this month.



Consumers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to premium oriental medicine skincare – Sulwhasoo, History Of Whoo, Hannule, Sooryehan, Coway’s Allvit, Coreana’s Zain, – and now LLang. With the popularity of Oriental Medicine skincare – will western companies soon be cashing in on this?


Gmarket Haul ~26

bb (6)

bb (6)




My heaviest haul ever – 14 kgs!! Ordered some stuff for my mum and sister, as well as some other friends, and lots of body soap! Open-mouthed smile


bc (5)




1. Amore Pacific Happy Bath Rose / Lavender / Superberry Essence



Seller : here


These body soaps are really popular – so i wanted to test them. Plus they’re sooooo cheap. 900ml for about 4 euros.



be (7)




2. Hera White Program Trial Kit


Seller : here


This is a gift for a friend! Have not heard good stuff about the line though – Hera is more known for it’s makeup and suncare products than their skincare.



bf (8)



3. Su:m 37 Losec Skin Reviving Ampoule


This ampoule comes in a really lovely box, and it’s a ‘Gold Edition’. They’re really cute and tiny. An idea on how tiny it is :


c0 (8)



c6 (8)




4. History Of Whoo Jinyul Special Cleansing Oil


Seller : here


My mum has been into History Of Whoo lately, so got her the newly released items.




5. History Of Whoo Secret Court BB Ball Powder


Seller : here


Also for my mum. The packaging is realllly fabulous and pretty!




c2 (8)



6. LG ON: The Body Iris / Ylang Ylang / Cherry Blossom



Seller : here & here



This is LG’s version of Amore Pacific‘s Happy Bath. The entire brand just went through a revamp and it looks very pretty now! LG and Amore Pacific are always on head-on competition! Wonder how this compares to Happy Bath! Slightly more expense than Happy Bath.




c1 (8)




7. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream + Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer


Seller : here


Etude House was having a promotion if you get the set, so i only ended up paying 2 euros extra for the BB Cream! The new Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer gives you that superstar glow and can be mixed with your BB Creams to give you that effect. 








c3 (8)




8. Coreana Zain Magnolia White Fluid + Essence + Cream


Seller : here


This is a special set which comes with the full size version toner and serum. Much cheaper than buying them separately. It also comes with a 25ml Cream. The serum alone is 90,000 – so this was a good deal ! Have heard really good stuff about this line, and my mum wanted a whitening line so i bought this for her to try. Zain is Coreana’s chinese medicine brand – but not as well known as other Chinese Medicine brands such as Sulwhasoo and History Of Whoo.



c5 (8)


9. Coway Allvit Trial Pack


Seller : here


This is RE:NK’s chinese medicine herbal brand. I tested it briefly and i really liked it. The texture of their products are much lighter than Sulwhasoo and Whoo, and it is rather refreshing to be using a lightweight, refreshing Chinese Herbal brand.




c4 (8)



9. Sulwhasoo Hydro-Aid Moisturizing Lifting Toner



Seller : here


Ran out of toner, so it was the perfect time to try Sulwhasoo’s newly launched toner.


Holika Holika releases premium sleep milk masks






Holika Holika will be releasing 2 new masks called the Holika Holika Premium Sleep Milk Yogurt 프리미엄 쉽 밀크 요거트.


The two masks will use Sheep Milk Yogurt as a base, and will be available in two versions : Holika Holika Premium Sleep Milk Yogurt Wild Berry and Holika Holika Premium Sleep Milk Yogurt Green Tea.


The masks will be available on the 29th of September onwards on Gmarket.