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Scinic releases Snail cream September 24, 2011

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Looks like the snail craze isn’t gonna die down anytime soon – we just reported the launch of Holika Holika Snail Cream and the new Secret Key Prestige Snail Cream – and now Scinic has released their own version called the Scinic Snail Matrix Cream ( back in February though! )

The cream will feature 90% of snail mucin and will also feature goodies such as EGF, Vitamin E, Betaine, Adenosine, Panthenol, and lots of other extracts ( take a look at the full ingredient list here )




History Of Whoo Qi & Jin Mask Review











Natural bamboo fibre sheet masks utilize the principle of yin and yang harmony to bring balance to skin, increasing moisture and minimizing fire for beautifully moisturized and supple skin. By combining the major ingredients from the Gongjinhyang and Gongjinhyang:seol  lines, skin is treated to the dual effect of whitening and anti-wrinkle, leaving skin revitalized with a radiant glow.


Please note that this mask has been upgraded into the In Yang Outline Mask which includes an eye patch pictured below :









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9e (6)


a1 (7)





You pay for what you get ! This mask is packaged beautifully like most of Whoo products and comes in a super bling bling golden package with a bamboo on the right picturing the ‘bamboo fiber’ mask sheet.






a6 (5)


a7 (6)


a9 (6)


aa (6)




b4 (7)


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b6 (7)



The mask fitting was so-so : it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. At least it covered the entire face without any problems. The only problem was the chin area ( look at the 1st photo ) , where the mask was too huge that it wasn’t ‘wrapping’ the face nicely in the chin area and the nose area was a slight problem too.



Mask Sheet



b9 (6)

ba (6)



These mask are made from high quality natural bamboo fibre sheet and you can really tell the difference from the cheap masks. It’s very durable, thick, and comfortable on the face. I even wanted to keep the mask cloth after using it to use it as my ‘lotion mask’ but i ended up using it as a cloth to wipe my table. Haha…



Mask Essence


b8 (7)


b7 (7)



The mask essence was a thick goey whitish essence, something like the Hannule Whitening Mask, but it absorbs much better into the skin than the Hannule Whitening Mask essence. It doesn’t give that very rich, greasy effect that the Hannule Whitening Mask essence gives but it leaves your skin REALLLY smooth and powdery ( kind of like the old Seol Whitening Cream feel ). Big love for this! Not to mention, this mask combines the best ingredients both from the Gongjinhyang line and the Whitening Seol line!



Tried squeezing the mask after leaving it on the face for 15 minutes to see how much essence was left :




Though the mask was already pretty dry after 15 minutes, there was still some essence left, though not much. I ended up putting the squeezed out essence back on my face and on my hands and neck so i don’t waste it.









I was reallly impressed with this mask, and probably rank it in the Top 2 mask, or even the best mask I’ve used so far. Actually i was really impressed with it even before i was finished with the mask because i saw a huge difference on the back of my hands ( i rubbed the leftover essence on my hands ). The back of my hands were reallllly soft, really moisturized and it was not even greasy!  My hands were glowing.



True enough, it did the same to my skin after putting on the mask for 15 minutes. The essence absorbed well into the skin, wasn’t greasy – and you can immediately follow up with your skincare routine after putting on the mask unlike some masks which are too rich and greasy that you have to wash your skin before putting on your skincare.



Here was what the Skin Meter showed :






Perfect ! Full points for skin texture, full points for moisture level, and low oil levels – just as what i said above!


Here is a before – after photo where you can really see the changes after the mask  ( click photo to see enlarged version ) – radiant skin, really smooth texture, and smaller pores! It’s really an amazing mask! Smile 






I really do hope the new and improved mask measures up to this or keeps the same formulation – I’d definitely be purchasing more of this mask! It’s even better than the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask ! With the best ingredients both from the Whoo Gongjinhyang line and the Whoo Whitening Seol line – i don’t think the mask can go wrong since both lines are really superb!



High quality material , high quality ingredients, smaller pores, radiant face, non-greasy, smooth as baby skin, moisturized face : what more can you ask for from a mask? Hopefully the upgraded version has a better fitting –and it’d be the perfect mask!





Ratings : 9 / 10


CNP releases popular Spot Solution





After the success of CNP Blemish Dual Spot ( read article : here ) , CNP will be releasing a new anti-blemish treatment system which only consist of the treatment part from the ‘Blemish Dual Spot’ ( photo below ) without the concealer called the CNP Spot Solution CNP 스팟 솔루션.






Spot solution quickly calms down acne, blemishes and red spots and acts as an antiseptic. The CNP Dual Blemish Spot features the ‘Anti Blemish Complex’ which features liquorice extracts, tea tree oil to soothe irritation, and control of excess sebum. It is also free from fragrance and synthetic colouring free.


Intense Lip Cure with A.H.C





AHC will be releasing a lip cure set called the A.H.C Intense Lip System– featuring two products : AHC Intense Lip Cure 7ml and the AHC Intense Lip Moist System 인텐스 립 시스템 15ml.



The lip set can be found on Gmarket already and comes in a set. The Lip Cure is a treatment for extreme dry lips which contains gotu kola ( also known as Centella asiatica ) which has superb regenerative properties. This special lip treatment effectively relieves severe dryness, chapping, and cracking for healthy, soft, kissable lips.



The AHC Intense Lip Moist is a lip balm which seals moisture into lips and keeps dryness at bay with vegetable oils and Ecocert ingredients for soft, glowing lips and ideal for daily use. Containing derivatives of Vitamins, it gives vitality to lips to help effective protection for healthy and lively lips.


nature republic releases extreme black eyeliner





Nature Republic will be releasing two eyeliners to provide you intense black smokey eyes called the Nature Republic Extreme Black Eyeliner 익스트림 블랙 아이라이너.



Depending on the thickness of the brush and the intensity and volume of the eyeliner, both eyeliners are FDA ( U.S Food and Drug Administration ) approved and is free from 5 harsh chemicals ( mineral oil, synthetic dyes, paraben, fragrance ). Both eyeliners are waterproof and can adheres to your eyes all day long.



Goo Hara from KARA will be endorsing the product ( picture above ).


Primera releases wild peach pore mask





Amore Pacific’s organic brand PRIMERA has released a pore-reducing mask called the Primera Wild Peach Pore Mask 모로코 라바 클레이 포어 마스크.




It’s a sleeping pack for skin hydration with extracts from alpine strawberry and oragnic mallow to bring back your skin’s radiance and vitality together with extracts from water lily and papaya.



This pore shrinking mask uses Morrocan Lava Clay which is a super fine ancient clay that comes from deep below the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Although it is difficult to obtain from the deep clay beds, it has been used for centuries by the ancient people of Rome and Egypt. Rhassoul is a highly absorbent clay, particularly rich in minerals such as Silica, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Potassium and Sodium.  It improves skin clarity, removes dead layers, smooths texture and improves elasticity. It also helps detoxify the skin while it exfoliates gently. Rhassoul clay is used by the finest spas around the world. It is appropriate for all skins types especially sensitive or mature.