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Danahan to release first organic certified oriental herbal line September 19, 2011








So far – most of the Oriental Medicine brands such as Sulwhasoo, History Of Whoo, Hannule, Sooryehan , Danahan RG EX II – are not formulated ‘organically’. Introducing Danahan CheonSim Yeong Yul , Danahan’s foray into Oriental Medicine but free from harsh chemicals.




This line will be free from harsh chemicals such as parabens that can be irritating to the skin, therefore perfect even for those with sensitive skin who have not been able to enjoy Oriental Medicine brands such as Sulwhasoo, History Of Whoo, etc.




The line will use 100% raw materials and plants and a fermentation technique, doubling the penetration of active ingredients into the skin, and provide your skin with nutrients. The oriental herbs used will be ORGANIC certified – and will feature the fermentation of expensive raw oriental medicine such as red ginseng, dandelion, mulberry leaves, green tea, and many more to keep your skin soft, moist, young and radiant.



The Danahan CheonSim YeongYul 다나한 천심 영율 will consists of 5 products : toner, emulsion, essence, eye cream and cream.