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The Saem releases limited edition line September 17, 2011





The Saem will be releasing 3 limited edition facial scrubs called the The Saem GO 7080 to commemorate the memories of cosmetics from the 1970’s and 1980’s.



The limited edition GO 7080 line will feature 3 products :




1) The Saem GO 7080 Vegetable Pack 고7080 추억의 야채팩


A vegetable-rich wash off pack that contains vegetable extracts such as cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes to keep your skin radiant, smooth and supple.




2) The Saem GO 7080 Mud Pack 고7080 추억의 머드팩


Contains Caolin mud to absorb excess sebum, cleans the skin from impurities, and eliminates black and whiteheads. Suitable for those with oily, problematic skin.




3) The Saem GO 7080 Abricot Scrub 고7080 추억의 살구 스크럽


Contains apricot extracts to exfoliate dead skin, and can be used as a scrub and massage cream at the same time.


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