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The Saem releases limited edition line September 17, 2011





The Saem will be releasing 3 limited edition facial scrubs called the The Saem GO 7080 to commemorate the memories of cosmetics from the 1970’s and 1980’s.



The limited edition GO 7080 line will feature 3 products :




1) The Saem GO 7080 Vegetable Pack 고7080 추억의 야채팩


A vegetable-rich wash off pack that contains vegetable extracts such as cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes to keep your skin radiant, smooth and supple.




2) The Saem GO 7080 Mud Pack 고7080 추억의 머드팩


Contains Caolin mud to absorb excess sebum, cleans the skin from impurities, and eliminates black and whiteheads. Suitable for those with oily, problematic skin.




3) The Saem GO 7080 Abricot Scrub 고7080 추억의 살구 스크럽


Contains apricot extracts to exfoliate dead skin, and can be used as a scrub and massage cream at the same time.


Want some SYNAKE or Bee Venom soap?





As i’ve mentioned numerous times for the last two years on how popular Bee Venom, Snail Slime, and Snake Venom are in Korea – it seems like the hype hasn’t died down. Lately, we have THE SAEM combining these products into one product – and now we have also a One-Of-A-Kind soap which features Snake Venom and Bee Venom. Introducing the Royal Nature Time Stop by BEE A.C Care Soap 타임-스탑 바이 비 에이씨케어 솝 and Royal Nature Time Stop by Synake Firming Soap 타임-스탑 바이 시네이크 퍼밍 솝.



The product has a very organic holistic approach judging on the photos. The bee venom soap looks like honeycombs just extracted don’t they? The snake venom soap looks like dead snake skin too, lol!



As all of you know, SYNAKE mimics the action of botox, and has proven to be effective in improving skin elasticity and wrinkle reduction. It is also mixed together with olive oil, and natural essential oils to keep the skin moist and hydrated.



Bee Venom has been hailed as the miracle cure for those with oily, acne skin as it has excellent antibacterial effects. Coupled together with mung bean extracts, rosehip seed oil, honey and grapefruit oil – it helps calm down troubled skin.



Hera releases roll-on essence for Men





Amore Pacific’s HERA will be releasing a roll-on essence for men called the HERA HOMME Black Perfect Roll On Essence 헤라 옴므 블랙 퍼펙트 롤온 에센스

It looks quite similar to the roll on Aquabolic eye essence that Hera released a few months ago ( article somewhere in the blog ). The essence helps in anti-aging and improving their skin’s elasticity. The roll on balls help stimulate blood flow and helps with firming the skin. Has a spicy citrus masculine scent to it too!

The product will be launched together with an entire line marketed to young classy men.


TonyMoly and Harajuku Lovers releases limited edition perfume







Hand it to Tony Moly for releasing the cuteeeest things! Introduing the Limited Edition Tony Moly Super Woman Harajuku Lovers Super G Perfume 수퍼 지(SUPER G) .



The perfume will feature a sweet fruity floral scent ( pineapple, peaches, bananas ).