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History Of Whoo Seol Whitening Sun Cream review September 16, 2011









The precious Oriental herbal elements unique to Whoo makes your skin healthy and bright. An Oriental herbal sun cream with skin whitening effects. The excellent protection against UV rays help maintain clear skin, and the Oriental medicinal whitening elements act deep inside the skin to make it more radiant.







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The manufacturing date is on the top of the product.


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Like all of History Of Whoo products, they are gorgeously packaged. The sun cream has a very nice simple elegant packaging that would turn heads when you take it out from your handbag! It has a very nice eye-popping lid to it carved with the Whoo logo on top of it.


The hole of the tube isn’t too big which makes it easy to control the quantity that comes out.






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Korean sunscreens seem to have this slight pinkish-orangish and the Whoo sunscreen is just the same. It has a slightly pinkish tone which helps correct your skin tone and give it a more rosy complexion instead of a whitish cast. It does give your skin a glow after applying it, a nice natural glow as can be seen from this video below :






The sunscreen has a rather thick texture to it. It is a little harder to spread due to it’s thick texture, and it does feel sort of greasy at first, but after a minute or two, it actually feels very matte on the skin! A little dry if you have dry skin, but this would be ideal for those with combination skin. To give the texture a little bit of moist, i usually mix the Whoo cream or lotion together with it. However if i’m using the entire line, the sunscreen feels just nice as the last step of the skincare routine, to make the skin matte!





Hydration & Oil Test





Like i’ve said before, the sun cream isn’t very hydrating – so no surprise here that the moisture meter only shows 20.4%.



As i mentioned above too, this sun cream does give you a matte look, therefore the oil level here isn’t high at all !







Performed well in the oil control test. The sun cream had only very little content, and although the test was conducted over 3 hours, the results was the same even after 24 hours!




Ingredient List




*This is not the complete list of ingredient.



This product contains physical sun filtersZinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide. It also contains Ensulizole which is primarily a UVB-protecting sunscreen agent, providing only minimal UVA protection. Ensulizole protects the skin from wavelengths of UV light in the range 290 to 340 nanometers, whereas the UVA range is 320 to 400 nanometers. Because ensulizole is water-soluble, it has the unique characteristic of feeling lighter on skin. As such, it is often used in sunscreen lotions or moisturizers whose aesthetic goal is a non-greasy finish ( Source : Cosmetic Cop ).


Of course, it contains Diosmetin, the patented star ingredient of LG that is used in the entire line of History Of Whoo Seol as well as other brands of LG such as Isa Knox.









This is an an above average sunscreen from the History Of Whoo, but definitely not the best sunscreens around. There’s nothing horribly bad about this sunscreen though.




The pink tone is a nice touch to it as it helps correct your skin tone as well as brightens your skin, giving it a very radiant look. It doesn’t leave a white cast at all! It has also a rather greasy initial feeling, but please give it about 1-2 minutes to let it settle onto your skin, and the greasiness goes away, and it gives you a matte feeling. It also gives ‘envelopes’ your skin nicely – but it is very subjective because some people prefer to have light, invisible texture, and some likes to have that rich ‘pluming’ effect on your skin, which most luxury Korean skincare gives.




This is a great addition to the line as it fits in nicely as the last step of the Seol regime to keep your skin matte all day long. If used alone, mix it with some cream or essence to give it a lighter, moist texture. This sunscreen would be ideal for those with combination – normal skin. On top of that, it has a rather high protection of SPF45, PA+++