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Sooryehan releases Onbit makeup line August 21, 2011






Sooryehan will be releasing a new make up line called the Sooryehan Onbit Makeup line 수려한 온빛



The Sooryehan Onbit Makeup line features Yeonmildan which is a fermentation of 5 herbal ingredients marinated with honey to moisturize your skin deeply. Bamboo Sap also ensures moisture on your skin. The makeup line ensures natural flawless finish.







There are 5 products currently in the line-up which includes :


1. Sooryehan Onbit Two way Cake

수려한 온빛 투웨이케익




Contains SPF 43, PA++ and available in 3 shades ( 21,23 & 25 )




2. Sooryehan Onbit Cover Makeup 

수려한 온빛 커버메이크업





This is like a BB Essence Balm which contains SPF 35, PA ++. It also comes in 3 shades ( 21,23 & 25 )





3. Sooryehan Onbit Firming Foundation

수려한 온빛 탄력 크림 파운데이션





This is a foundation which also has SPF 28 PA++ as well as herbal ingredients which helps to firm skin and restore it’s elasticity. Has the same packaging of the Sulwhasoo Renodigm Dual Care ( photo above ). Comes also in the same 3 shades.




4. Sooryehan Onbit Jineak Foundation

수려한 온빛 진액 파운데이션




This is also a foundation. Don’t know what’s the difference between both foundations other than their packaging. Comes in also 3 shades.



5. Sooryehan Onbit Resilient Base

수려한 온빛 탄력 베이스





This is a make-up base which contains SPF 25, PA ++. Makes sure that your skin is moist and prepared for make-up. <


Kanebo Freshel releases/upgrade Moist Lift line




Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift BB Cream was 2010’s best selling product with a total of 5000000 tubes sold in less than a year. The success obviously screamed for more products , so Kanebo will be now releasing more products from the Kanebo Freshel line which includes :




1. Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift Pack Massage Foam




Rich and dense foam to clean the skin thoroughly yet leaving it moist. Doubles as a massage pack which promotes blood circulation to provide radiant skin. Contains ‘double dose of hyaluronic acid’ which allows the rich foam to act also as a moisturizing facial mask. An all in 1 :  cleanser, massage pack and mask!





2. Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift Mineral Bb Cream




This will be the upgraded version of last year’s highly successful BB Cream which will include the new Kanebo exclusive ‘dual effect mineral elements’. Compared to the old version, the new version will be even more gentle on the skin and will have ‘double doses of hyaluronic acid & collagen’ to maintain moisture even during the harsh winter.  Will come in 2 shades,



3. Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift BB Mineral Powder




To be used after the BB Cream . It contains amino acid pearl particles which will enhance the skin’s radiance and ensures long lasting make-up, while ‘double dose of hyaluronic and collagen’ keeps skin moist and supple all day long.




4. Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift Moisture Gel





This was also released last year and will be upgraded. It can replace your lotion, emulsion, and moisturizer – perfect for the lazy ones! The new version will include  ‘double dose of hyaluronic acid’ & jojoba esters. Lightweight, non sticky, moist, and absorbed instantly by the skin – this moisturizing gel also whitens the skin at the same time.





Shu Uemura BB Mouse re-edition in Asia





Shu Uemura released in early 2011, the Shu Uemura UV Under Base BB Mousse SPF 30, a limited edition product which was released in Asia simultaneously with Japan. In Asia, the product was sold out in a matter of weeks, and there was just not enough for everyone. Some sellers are also selling it on Ebay at the moment, with the priced marked up… so if you have been wondering whether to purchase this on Ebay.. read on first !



Due to the humongous reception and popularity of the product, Shu Uemura will be re-releasing the product in Asia due to huge demand.



What’s so special about the Shu Uemura UV Under Base BB Mousse ?



Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse SPF 30 PA+++ is 20x lighter in weight compared to Shu Uemura liquid or cream-type make-up base. The airy foam texture is formulated for excellent fit and lasting foundation, leading to pore-less complexion. The new generation UV under base mousse provides a more lasting fine foam and a stronger UV protection. It also contains an advanced ‘intelligent color control technology’ which blends in with your skin tone, and make it flawless. On top of that, it moisturizes your skin with Hyaluronic Acid and Deep Sea Water to keep it moist and supple.



For those of you in Asia, Sasa is taking pre-orders already, and pre-orders have also been ‘sold out’ , so if you’re lucky enough to grab hold on one ( here ), share with us if the BB Mousse is worth all the hype! Fret not, the BB Mousse will not be a limited edition product anymore, and it will be a permenant product, so don’t purchase the ones with the crazy prices on Ebay.





From the makers of My Beauty Diary : Deary





If it’s one thing i can choose that represents Taiwanese skincare, it would definitely be : mask sheets. They’re inexpensive, packaged beautifully, and are very effective. My Beauty Diary masks are definitely the fore-runner and the most popular ones. Many might have not heard about this rather new brand, but Deary is a new brand from the same company that also produces My Beauty Diary.



In celebration for it’s success in 2011, Deary will be releasing a special edition Formosa Mask Set which will see a collection of the brand’s best selling and best acclaimed masks such as the Rose Co-Q10 Mask, Pearl & Vitamin C, Peppermint & Vitamin C,  etc.



If you’re into masks, check out also another Taiwanese brand called ‘Love More’. A reader has also generously donated their ingredient lists which can be found in the Ingredient List section and it looks very impressive – minimal but loaded with active ingredients.