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Strengthen and lengthen your eyelashes with LJH August 17, 2011





LJH Cellabel , a brand which is known more for it’s BB Cream, will be releasing a eyelash strenghtening  and lengthening product called the LJH Cellabel Eyelash Queen 셀라벨 엠.씨 아이래쉬 퀸



The Eyelash Queen contains peptides, pomegranate extracts, chamomile to strenghten eyelashes to make it strong and healthy. Eyelashes are exposed to sunlight everyday, but not many know that even sunlight makes not only your skin fragile but your hair and eyelashes too. This product helps to nourish the eyelashes and strengthen it. Apply the product before applying your mascara. You can also keep tabs on the length of your eyelashes with the product !




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