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Win win win Hope In A Blog’s 1st Anniversary Giveaway! August 12, 2011

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In 3 months time, it will be Hope In A Blog’s 1st anniversary, so i will be holding a Giveaway which will consist of :


9c (6)


1st Prize



1. Elisha Coy BB All-In-One Cleanser ( FULL SIZE )


2. Baviphat Pore Tightening Sleeping Pack ( FULL SIZE )


3. BRTC Bubble Refining Cleanser ( FULL SIZE )


4. Suiskin IPL Clinique Blemish Balm ( Travel Size )


5. History Of Whoo Seol Whitening Travel Kit ( consists of the water balancer, lotion, Ja Saeng Serum, Whitening Intensive )


6. Genie In A Bottle Anti-Aging Cream ( FULL SIZE )


9d (6)


2nd Prize



1. L’egere White Multi BB Cream ( Travel Size )


2. Alonism Starter’s Pack Trial Kit ( samples from the entire ALONISM line! )


3. Amore Pacific Hannule Cleansing Foam ( Travel Size )


4. Amore Pacific Hannule Cleansing Cream ( Travel Size )


5. Amore Pacific Hannule Gogyeol Mibeak Whitening Serum ( Travel Size )


6. Amore Pacific Hannule Gogyeol Mibeak Whitening Cream ( Travel Size )


7. Banila Co Pore Clear Emulsion ( Full Size )


8. Banila Co Pore Clear Serum ( Full Size )



OR you can win BOTH 1st and 2nd Prize …A Whooping 14  products… all for FREE including shipping ! This contest is open to EVERYONE in the world !


So here are the rules :


1. Submit your names if you are interesting in winning the giveaway by emailing us your Facebook name at ( You will have to be a fan of our Facebook page already to enter the competition )


2. I will be putting a photo in Hope In A Blog’s Facebook Page with your name on it  ( example below )





3. Once the photo with your name is uploaded to the Hope In A Blog facebook photo section, now it’s your job to get your friends to support you by inviting your friends to join the Hope In A Blog facebook page and ‘LIKE’ your photo! Share the photo on your facebook page and invite your friends to support your photo! Do anything to have anyone help you!


  • How do you share the photo on your profile page ? ( Example uploaded : here )





4. The first person to have :


  • 600 ‘likes’ on their photo wins both 1st and 2nd prize before the 30th of November 2011!


If by the 30th of November 2011, nobody reaches the ‘600’ like mark :


The first person to have :

  • 400 ‘likes’ on their photo wins the 1st prize!*
  • 300 ‘likes’ on their photo wins the 2nd prize!*

*till 31st Dec 2011.



Don’t have much friends on Facebook? No worries! If no one has reached the 300 mark by 31st Dec 2011, I will award the 1st prize to the person who has the most number of likes, and the 2nd prize to the second person with the most number of likes!



First win, first serve!





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