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Hera releases aquabolic eye serum August 10, 2011






Amore Pacific’s HERA will be releasing an eye serum off their best-selling Aquabolic line called the HERA Aquabolic Waterfull Eye Serum 헤라 아쿠아볼릭 워터폴 아이 세럼




The serum features a massaging roll-on to help reduce eye bags and dark circles by boosting natural draining, stimulate blood circulation on the eye areas and decongest tired eyes. It also helps to ‘massage’ the serum into your skin, hence helps in better absorption of the product. ( You’ll see the same concept on the Garnier Roll On Eye Serums but this resembles more like the Crystal Clear Eye Pen )




Features Hera’s patented bio-mineral ingredients that moisturizes the skin deeply and Moistavena, an oats derived ingredient that helps block the evaporation of water from the skin and retains it longer inside the skin.  Please Click on the ads on the right bar to support the blog if you like the articles!





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