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The New Generation of BB Creams : BB Essence Pact/Balm August 7, 2011






I tested my first BB Essence Pact/Balm today from Hera, and i was so smitten by it. It performed much better than my normal BB Creams, so i went through some research to write this article to find out more on these BB Essence Pacts. It almost has the full coverage of a foundation!



What are BB Essence Balms / Pacts ?

It is basically BB Creams which contains hydrating essence, and uses a semi-solid stabilization technology that brings change of a form from a solid balm type to a liquid type which is applied with a puff. These BB Essence Pact are often confused with a powder pact because it looks similar on photos. Unlike pacts which have a powder texture, BB Essence Pact are not powder at all, but a solid-liquid texture. Some of them contains hydrating / whitening essence + sun balm/protection + BB cream + Make up base.


From my observation, Amore Pacific started the trend with their Mamonde BB Essence Balm. which then caught on to their other brands due to it’s popularity – and right now, all Amore Pacific brands have their own version of a BB Essence Balm/Pact. Every brand is naming it differently



The Amore Pacific BB Essence Balms



헤라 UV 미스트 밤








I wrote about this BB Mist Balm in my Gmarket that it was sold out a few times. After trying it today and totally loving it, i wanted to get the other shade.. and to my dismay, the BB Mist Balm is sold out from the 3 other sellers that were offering it on Gmarket ! That makes it sold out on 5 different sellers.. must be selling really well. Oh well, i’ll have to wait till it goes back up on sale.


2. Laneige Snow BB Essence Balm SPF 33




Not surprised if it’s the same stuff with the HERA Mist Balm as they both are under Amore Pacific and both are SPF 33, and they both comes in 2 shades ! BB Balm, which contains hydrating essence, delivers delicate hydration and nutrition leaving your skin feeling moisture and smoothed also allowing you to feel fresh every time you apply the essence balm. Liquid Crystal Essence ingredient that has the similar structure to the skin surface lipid which works as a natural skin barrier creates a skin moisturizing seal on the skin, keeping moisture locked in and staying long on the skin.


A semi-solid stabilization technology that brings change of a form from a solid balm type into a liquid type allows the BB balm to transform itself into a liquid that allows you to feel cool and abundant water sense immediately after the product is applied with a puff. This effect soothes skin rapidly, supplies enough water, which is filling up the skin to bring out the vitality and light.


3. Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation

미네랄 멜팅 파운데이션



Same stuff, only foundation term is used instead of BB Cream. This mineral foundation contains organic green tea extracts planted in Jeju Island. The foundation does not clog pores and lets your skin breathe freely. It is paraben free, mineral oil free, alcohol free and is touted to be the first ever ‘solid foundation’ which is a 4 in one product – sunscreen, foundation, BB Cream , and moisturiser. The cream also has a SPF 32, PA ++.


Pretty sure that it is pretty much the same thing with HERA’s Mist Balm because the packaging and the puff are exactly the same!


Comes with 5 colours :





4. Mamonde Total Solution Perfect BB Balm SPF 33




This is the cheapest of the lot, so if you want to try out BB Essence Pacts, you can start off with Mamonde. Funny how all the Amore Pacific BB Essence Pacts are SPF 33 !



5. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Balm SPF 42

수분가득 콜라겐 밤



This is from the Etude House Moistfull line. Uses the same puff that HERA, and INNISFREE is using too! In addition this is Mineral Oil Free, Ethanol Free, and Paraben Free!


6. IOPE  Skin Complete

스킨 컴플리트 BB 팩트



Emollient and moisturizing, this IOPE Essence BB Pact contains ceramides which helps keep your skin soft and moist.


7. Re:NK White Radiance Sun BB Balm

화이트 래디언스 선 비비밤



Re:NK also released their own version of their BB Essence Pact recently. This is by far the one with the highest SPF ( SPF 50 ).



8. Missha M Swirl B.B Sun Cream M

스월 비비 선밤





Missha also recently released their own version with an SPF 50! Missha is having sales right now in Korea, so this will cost you only 13,000 wons! Comes in two shades as well !

So, have you tried any of these? What do you prefer? BB Creams or BB Essence Pacts? Discuss discuss! And click the two ads on your right please Smile 




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