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Suiskin IPL Clinique & Stem Cell Stimulator BB Cream Review August 7, 2011








Suiskin IPL Clinique Blemish Balm

아이투피엘 크리니크 블래미쉬밤



A BB Cream that adheres tightly to your skin, covering your imperfections all day long. Formulated with the Multi-Emulsion Polymer, or known as an oil – in – water emulsion, in which droplets of monomer ( the oil ) are emulsified ( with surfactants ) in a continuous phase of water.


Contains SPF 21. Other ingredients include aloe leaf juice, arbutin, centella asiatica extract, adenosine, chamomile extracts, etc.



Suiskin Stem Cell Stimulator Blemish Balm

스템셀 스티뮬레이터 블래미쉬밤


This restoring blemish balm with the advanced biotech formula contains stem cell compounds found in seaweed and botanical extracts to help restore skin cells and repair tissues, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, tighten the skin, and control melanin pigment.








Credits : ssmile337





Comes with typical Suiskin packaging which is very simple, yet elegant and nice!


The BB Cream is long and slender, therefore easy to bring around. Loves the gold cap! It comes with a screw cap. Very standard BB Cream packaging!


To be used within 12 months after 1st usage!





81 (6)

82 (6)

Above : Stemcell , Below : IPL


As you can see, the Stemcell BB has a liquid runny texture like a foundation. It spreads easily on your skin and blends in nicely. The IPL BB Cream at first sight, seems to have the typical thick BB Cream texture – more of a balm texture like the BRTC BB Creams – however once you spread it, it actually is very spreadable, and becomes very light and fluid in texture ( no, there isn’t a water drop system here!) unlike the original blemish balms! What a pleasant surprise!




Colour / Shade



Compared with different BB Creams :

71 (5)

76 (5)

80 (6)

78 (5)

7b (5)



The IPL has a lighter shade compared to the Stem Cell, but after spreading them with your fingers the colours are almost similar. This BB Cream confused me for a little while. It has a pink undertone appearance, but once you spread it on your skin, there is a greyish undertone. However, no serious problems with the shade / tone of the two BB Creams as they look rather natural on the skin and brightens up the skin tone. It gives off a very nice radiant dewy look!








Both BB Creams have rather good coverage. The StemCell BB Cream has a slightly better coverage than the IPL. See the dewiness both BB Creams give when under the light? Much clearer on the last photo! There are no optics/shimmers/glitters on the BB Cream. 





Under the skin scope, where i tested both BB Creams in covering my acne scars. Do you see any difference between both BB Creams?



Oil Test





They both performed rather well on the oil test. Initially, the StemCell BB Cream showed more oil content, but as time passed, the IPL BB Cream took over. The last photo was taken 24 – 30 hours from the first test ! The IPL BB Cream oil content was superior than the Stem Cell BB Cream!


When used on the skin, both had rather good oil control.




Water-Proof / Reaction with water





Suiskin Stem Cell BB Cream ( Red )



As you can observe from the video :


With the IPL BB Cream, the water remains pure and clear no matter how i stir it. Even more interesting is how the BB Cream doesn’t react with the water. No matter how i stirred, the BB Cream stayed in shape and did not dissolve in water. Another interesting fact is that, initially the bb cream sunk to the bottom of the cup, but after 15 minutes, it floated back on top on the surface of the water ( look at the last photo before the video ). Waterproof? Safe to say that the BB Cream won’t be ruined if you’re sweating!


With the Stem Cell BB Cream, when the bb cream touched the water surface, you can see an oil layer on top of the surface of the water. The water also became dirty, unlike the water with the IPL BB Cream. The BB Cream also sunk to the bottom of the cup permanently!






Suiskin Stem Cell Stimulator Blemish Balm






Suiskin IPL Clinique Blemish Balm














First off, i do like both BB Creams very much. They are probably one of my favourites middle-range BB Creams, and Suiskin usually has good offers from time to time. The Stem Cell BB Cream was sold out at one point, and was out of production for a period of time. Both BB Creams are very popular with consumers as you can find countless Korean reviews online on both BB Creams. These BB Creams are also used by the girls of Rania, a Kpop group.



So which BB Cream to choose?



Stem Cell



Red heart



Red heart


Red heart



Red heart


Oil Test


Red heart




Water Test

Red heart






If you’re looking for a BB Cream that has high spf, good coverage : Stem Cell BB Cream


If you’re looking for a daily BB Cream with good adhesion : IPL BB Cream


I like both BB Creams very much, but if i had to pick one, it would be the IPL BB Cream.


I would highly recommend both BB Creams, you won’t regret it !


Take a look at Gmarket’s Suiskin Page if you’re interested to purchase it :






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