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Ohui releases Cell Power No.1 Eye Cream August 7, 2011






Got very excited when i was sent this news! One of my absolute favourite OHUI product is their Cell Power No.1 Essence – and now OHUI will be releasing a OHUI Cell Power No.1 Eye Cream 오휘 셀파워 No.1 아이크림 / 오휘 셀 파워 No1 넘버원 아이크림.


I am having high expectations for this product because the essence is just fabulous! Like the packaging of the essence which comes with the product together with a refill, the eye cream will have the same packaging and a refill will be included ( 15ml + 15ml ).



The eye cream will feature a protein called the Tenascin-C protein, which can help promote wound healing.



At just 174 nanometers in diameter, tenascin-C is pretty big in the world of proteins, and it looks a lot like a spider with six legs, which are about 10 times longer than its body. Thanks to those long legs, tenascin-C can do real heavy lifting when it comes to wound healing.


“Tenascin-C plays many roles in the response to tissue injury, including, first of all, initiating an immune response and, later, ensuring proper tissue rebuilding,” explains Kim Midwood, who oversaw the project.


When the injury alarm is rung, tenascin-C shows up on the scene and attaches to another protein, fibronectin. Together, tenascin-C and fibronectin help to construct the housing, or extracellular matrix, that surrounds each cell.


Tenascin-C’s job is a temporary one. When your hand is cut, for example, it appears at the edges of the wound and then goes away when scar tissue develops, says postdoctoral research associate Wing To: “Tenascin-C is thought to play a major role during the rebuilding phase of tissue injury by promoting regeneration of tissue that has been damaged.


For the full article : refer here



Not only that, it uses an enzyme never used before in cosmetics called the HO-1 ( Haem Oxygenase-1 ) which has been proven to protect the retina from ischaemia/reperfusion injury.  Read the scientific journal : here, and here. HO-1 helps in improving dark eye circles too.



This eye cream is a multi-functional eye cream. It helps improve elasticity around the eye areas, improve dark circles and fine lines, and brightens up the eye area. The eye cream will also use a technology called the Skin Mimetic Formula which helps deliver moisture deep into the skin and restores the skin’s natural skin barrier to increase the effectiveness of the product.



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