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IOPE,HERA & OHUI Whitening Foam Cleanser Reviews August 7, 2011






IOPE Whitegen Cleansing Foam 

화이트젠 클렌징 폼

Contains natural proteolytic enzymes derived from papaya fruit ( papain ) which gently exfoliates the skin by removing old, dread skin to cultivate clear clean skin.


Contains natural cellulose micro beads which helps to deeply clean uneven skin surface such as pores to boost the absorption of whitening ingredients from follow-up skincare products.




HERA White Program Cleansing Foam

헤라 화이트 프로그램 클렌징 폼

Contains enzymatic capsules derived from papaya fruit which melts and helps exfoliate the skin. Contains mineral-rich white clay to remove dirt and sebum more effectively.




OHUI White Extreme Cleansing Foam

 화이트 익스트림 퓨리파잉 폼

Helps remove dead and dark skin cells caused by UV Radiation to give you clear transparent bright skin.







  • OHUI White Extreme Cleansing Foam



Unlike the other two cleansers, the OHUI one comes with a screw-cap. Contains 160ml.




  • IOPE Whitegen Cleansing Foam



This foam cleanser comes in a cap instead of a screw-cap. Contains 160ml.




  • HERA White Program Cleansing Foam




Contains 200ml.




Texture & Foaming

  • OHUI White Extreme Cleansing Foam



Contains green capsules that burst and breaks up easily. The OHUI Cleanser foams the easiest out of the 3 cleansers and foams very well too.




  • IOPE Whitegen Cleansing Foam




This cleanser contains red capsules. Unlike the green OHUI Capsules, this one doesn’t break easily when rubbed. Infact it doesn’t break unless you continuously rub it. It can be used like an exfoliator and use it exfoliate areas where pores are more prominent. Foaming is also really good, and produces thick, rich, fine foam.



  • HERA White Program Cleansing Foam



IOPE and HERA’s cleanser both contains red papain enzyme capsules. The difference is that IOPE’s capsule doesn’t break easily, but HERA’s capsule degrades easily after being rubbed. Hera’s cleanser also provides the richest foam out of the three cleansers. It does feel very similar to IOPE’s Whitegen cleanser – but I’m not surprised considering that both brands are being produced under Amore Pacific.



Here’s a comparison of the three cleansers :







Cleansing Power


Pictures will explain everything! Smile 




  • OHUI White Extreme Cleansing Foam







  • HERA White Program Cleansing Foam 









  • IOPE Whitegen Cleansing Foam




I was rather surprised with IOPE’s cleansing power. It basically wiped off the entire permanent marker! So far, no cleansers i’ve tested has managed to clean the permenant marker up to this extent !











Red heart






35,000 wons

30,000 wons

25,000 wons

Value For Money

Red heart

Foaming Power

Red heart

Foam Texture

Red heart

Cleansing Power

Red heart




To be fair, if i were to pick one of the three, i wouldn’t know how to pick because these 3 cleansers are just excellent ! I really, really like all of the 3 cleansers – there are all very similar : they all have capsules, they leave a squeaky clean feeling without stripping off the oils on your skin and leaving it dry and tight, and they all smell great.




If you like rich and thick foam, give Hera a try. If you like the very squeaky clean feeling and want something that cleans well and has some grains to help scrub your pores, try the IOPE cleanser. If you like something that foams well and feels less squeaky-clean, try the OHUI.




You’d only understand what i mean by ‘squeaky clean’ if you’ve used any of History Of Whoo or Amore cleansers. They’re not the bad type of ‘squeaky clean’ where your face feels dry, tight afterwards. I know that dermatologists have preached that if a cleanser gives a ‘squeaky clean’ feeling – it means that the cleanser isn’t good because it strips off all the skin’s natural oils. But this is not the case with LG and Amore cleansers – it gives a squeaky clean feeling but your skin feels comfortable, moist, and super clean after that!




All the 3 cleansers give that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling, with IOPE giving the most ‘squeaky clean’ feeling, and OHUI the least. IOPE is also the only one in which the capsules doesn’t break easily when rubbed, so it can be used as an exfoliating scrub to scrub your pores.




But if i had to pick the winner, it would be :






Why? Simply because it has the best value for money! Since all three cleansers are extremely similar, price and content would be the first priority. Hera wins here for being the cheapest ( 30,000 wons for 200 ml ).



But why did i pick OHUI over IOPE since IOPE is the cheaper option ? Because i love OHUI’s foam. It’s more fluffy and fine, and the skin feels more comfortable after cleansing. My house mates are all crazy over the OHUI cleansers compared to the other two.. so it’s finishing much faster than the Hera or IOPE cleanser.


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