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Hannule VS Missha VS Sooryehan Herbal BB Cream Review August 7, 2011







  • Hannule GoGyeol BoYang BB Cream / Hannule Rich Effect Soothing BB Cream
  • 고결 보양비비크림


Hannule BB Cream uses the Hannule GoGyeol Jineak ( Red Line ) Cream as a base which improves skin elasticity. It contains 34% of concentrated herbal ingredients which helps protect your skin’s moisture and nourish it while helping ‘release the skin’s heat’. Whitening, anti-wrinkly, and with SPF 35 / PA ++ to protect your skin from UV Rays.


Comes in two shades :

1호 화사한 혈색2호 은은한 혈색


Shade 1 is used in this review.



  • Missha MISA ChoBoYang BB Cream


A rich and luxurious BB cream specifically designed for maturing skin. Carefully selected traditional oriental medicine is combined with potent Wild Ginseng to firm up skin and minimize the visible effects of skin aging. Deer Antler Velvet pampers skin with lush moisturizers to increase elasticity and improve suppleness. Broad spectrum SPF 30 shields skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. Also available in Calm Beige. By Missha.


  • Specially design for mature skin type
  • Contains preciously selected traditional oriental medicine and has been prepared using the current Nanoliposome technique
  • Contains 10% Wild Ginsengs for skin firming and anti-aging
  • Cordyceps is well-known as an important nourishing, brightening and soothing element
  • Contains Deer Antler Velvet for moisturizing and increase elasticity



    • Sooryehan Bicheak Soomil Blemish Balm Cream
    • 수려한비책수밀비비크림


    Houttuynia, licorice, herbacea and gold are the 4 main ingredients in this line. These 4 ingredients reinforce skin’s elasticity and keeps skin moist and hydrated.


    Contains red ginseng water to keep skin soft and moist. Comes with SPF 30 / PA ++ to protect from UV rays.








    • Sooryehan Bicheal Soomil Blemish Balm Cream




    The packaging is exactly the same like the Sooryehan Hyo Fermented BB Cream!




    • Missha MISA ChoBoYang B.B Cream




    This BB Cream probably has the most oriental ‘design’ and look out of the 3 BB Creams with the Chinese characters touch, the brown golden colour that replicates the color of herbs. It also has a shiny glossy packaging which is very attractive and catches your eyes!



    • Hannule GoGyeol BoYang BB Cream




    I wouldn’t expect anything less from Amore Pacific’s packaging. Love the flowers that are carved on the lid. The purple gives it a very nice touch too!








    Missha has the typical thick balm texture like the BRTC, AHC BB Creams.


    Sooryehan has my favourite BB Cream texture. The texture is in between’s Misssha thick balmy texture and Hannule’s fluid liquidy texture. It really has a very nice soft texture, spreads perfectly, and it’s very moist. I’m totally in love with the texture of this BB Cream and it feels really nice and comfortable. Even though the initial texture isn’t as fluid as the Hannule BB Cream, it spreads easier than the Hannule BB Cream ( if that makes sense ) and absorbs quickly. Also it doesn’t have that initial greasiness that most BB Creams ( including the Missha and Hannule one) gives which you can feel on your fingers. With this BB Cream, you don’t feel this at all!


    Hannule’s BB Cream has a fluid texture, not as fluid as the Sulwhasoo BB Cream though.









    The Hannule and Missha BB Creams come in 2 shades, and in this review, both BB Creams are Shade 1 ( Light Beige ).  Sooryehan has the lightest shade out of the three with a pinkish greyish undertone. Missha and Hannule both have pinkish undertone though Missha’s colour is a little bit darker and more neutral than the Hannule’s shade which has a bright, more vibrant shade.



    The Hannule shade immediately reminded me of the other Amore Pacific’s BB Creams, and since they’re all under the same company, i compared the Hannule BB Cream to the Sooryehan and Hera BB Creeam which are all under Amore. Hannule and Hera has a similar colour, and Sulwhasoo has lighter, brighter colour.






    Since i compared all the BB Creams made by Amore Pacific above, i also took all my BB Creams from LG ( Isa Knox, Ohui, Sooryehan ) . The OHUI BB Cream colour definitely stands out from the other three.






    Water Test





    As you can see, the Sooryehan BB failed miserably in the water test. Lol! Look at the colour of the water.


    The Hannule BB cup was also rather messy with a layer of oil on the surface of the water. However when i applied the BB Cream on the back of my hand, sprayed some water on it, and then used a tissue to pat – Hannule’s tissue was the clearest compared to the 3 BB Creams.


    Missha’s cup was really clean compared to the other 3.




    Oil Test






    Sooryehan’s BB Cream did exceptionally well here. No trace of oil for the first few hours!

    The other two didn’t fare that bad too!






    On normal skin :



    Pores & Acne Scar :



    On Moe :






    I expected Missha to win this because Missha has one of the better coverage / most pigmented BB Creams in the market. It’s balm thick texture also gave a hint that it’s coverage would be better than the two.


    Sooryehan’s coverage was rather surprising. Due to it’s moist texture, i didn’t expect the coverage to be good, but it’s actually above average. Hannule has the lightest coverage and a more natural look.












    Red heart




    Red heart



    Red heart


    Oil Test


    Red heart


    Water Test



    Red heart


    Red heart





    Red heart




    Red heart





    Red heart


    Red heart





    Though Sooryehan’s BB Cream was a mess when water is involved, it is my favourite BB Cream compared to the other 2 because of it’s wonderful texture, it’s moistness, how comfortable it feels on the skin, and it’s very low oil content. It’s definitely my daily BB Cream currently and i’d purchase the full size version when this is finish ( it’s cheap – about less than 18,000 wons on Gmarket ). However, if you’re someone who sweats easily or if you’re going out to the beach or doing any activities where water is involved – don’t use this BB Cream! Another way to solve this is to apply some waterproof powder / pact / sun powder over the BB Cream! Suitable for all skin types.



    The Missha BB Cream is ideal if you’re a fan of Missha’s coverage. I however, prefer BB Creams that are more natural. Most of Missha BB Creams tend to give a cakey look because it is very pigmented, but girls tend to love BB Creams which provide full coverage. The price is also the cheapest out of the 3 BB Creams.



    The Hannule BB Cream has a very natural looking coverage, and it also brightens up the skin tone the most! Not only that, it contains 35% of herbal ingredients – which is a very high concentration – and also incorporates the Hannule GoGyeol Keukjin Cream which is a favourite of mine. It also has a higher SPF than the other two.

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