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Elishacoy Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch & Mask Review August 7, 2011




70% of highly concentrated, refined snail slime extract contained.


Hydrogel eye patch/mask with superior skin adhesion maximizes regeneration of skin cells around eyes and improves wrinkles and elasticity!


1. Snail slime extract having amazing vitality gives you a feeling of skin wrapping and leaves it sufficiently moisturized and nourished, making skin protection barrier strong and keeping skin feeling soft and supple for long time.

2. Acetyl hexapeptide provides loose and inelastic skin with elasticity and luster, leaving it feeling silky soft and looking shiny and young.

3. Herbal complex, deep ocean water, green tea extract, caviar extract, ginseng extract and aloe extract, which are all antioxidant ingredients, leave skin moisturized, elastic and nourished by providing it with vitamins and minerals.

4. This is a new concept mask sheet in hydrogel formulation, which provides superior skin adhesion and maximizes skin care’s effectiveness.




  • Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch


72 (4)77 (4)




Comes in a plastic cover which helps protect the eye patch.






There are three layers here.. the one that goes on your face is the slimey one. On the slimey patch, there are two sides. One with a smooth texture, one with a rough patterned one. Place the side with the smooth texture under your eyes. It has a slimy gel texture to replicate the snail’s slime!



  • Snail Hydrogel Mask



74 (3)

75 (4)


76 (4)








This one also comes with three layers. Put the smooth slime side on your face. One word to describe the packaging and the fitting of the mask :  FAIL! Hehehe. It has a really bad fitting with slits here and there and doesn’t cover up the whole face! The whole thing is a mess. It comes in two parts : both parts do not even meet and leaves a slit ! FAIL FAIL FAIL !



Also, the mask is extremely fragile so please be careful when handling it especially for you girls who have long sharp fingernails. You’re gonna tear the slime out of the mask, and it happened when i was trying to put the mask on ( and my fingernails are short! ).



Another complain is that the mask slips quite easily and slides down all the time!



Ingredient List



The mask has got quite an impressive and clean ingredient list. No alcohol, no parabens – though you have phenoxyethanol and fragrance rather high up the list which usually are the last few ingredients on an ingredient list.


However there are lots of beneficial extracts for the skin here – ginseng extracts, aloe vera, etc. There’s even Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, also known as Argireline, the ingredient that is known as the ‘snake venom’ but it’s the least concentrated ingredient here on the list!


Lots of plant extracts can be seen here too – mint, aloe, thyme, tea tree leaf, eucalyptus, rosemary, camellia, etc.






The fitting of the mask is absolutely messy and horrible here. It doesn’t fit well, doesn’t cover up the entire face well, keeps slipping down.


After using the mask, i could feel that my face was more moisturized, and calming. But i’m sure any other mask would have given this effect too.  It did also help calm my skin’s troubles which is more visible on a microscopic level.




It didn’t show any positive effect on the pores.


There was also a slight stickiness on the skin after the mask. To overcome this, just follow up with your snail cream.


What i liked about this mask :


  • Helps in calming skin problems, probably has a little skin regeneration effect too
  • The ingredient list



What i don’t like about this mask :


  • the fitting of this mask
  • Slight stickiness after-feel
  • Mask keeps slipping/sliding



Would i repurchase this? NO.


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