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Lirikos Releases marine soothing body gel August 7, 2011

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Amore Pacific’s marine line – LIRIKOS – will be releasing a soothing and moisturizing skin gel to deal with aftermaths of sunbaking called the LIRIKOS Marine Soothing Body Gel마린 수딩 바디젤.

The LIRIKOS Marine Soothing Body Gel quickly soothes irritated skin with marine extracts and beta glucan and protects the skin from the sun and sweat while moisturizing it.

It can be applied after shower, before going out for outdoor activities under the skin. It can even be used to soothe tired feet.


Shape up with IOPE Body Clinic Shaping EffectEffect

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Amore Pacific’s IOPE will be releasing a body-shaping care product called the IOPE Body Shaping Effect 바디클리닉 쉐이핑 이펙터’.

The product absorbs into the body instantly without leaving a feel of stickiness and is rich in coffee extracts and a Slim Tea Complex which helps in shaping the body line.

In addition, it contains 5 times the concentration of caffeine compared to other body-contour products which helps enhances fat metabolism by stimulating circulation of blood and helps remove toxins and excess fluid. When blood circulates, natural metabolism is stimulated making your body burn fat naturally. Not only that, caffeine inhibits the deposition of fat. It also aids in removing Cellulite.


Cool down the summer heat with Skinfood facial ice vita line





SkinFood will be releasing a ice-enhancing skincare line to help you cope with summer – the Skinfood Facial Ice Vita line.


This line helps revigorate and cool down tired skin under the hot summer sun with the help of Alaska Glacier Water which cools and calms the skin and at the same time, it is rich in vitamins ( Vitamin A , B, C, E )and minerals.


The line will have a few products namely the :


1) Skinfood Facial Ice Vita Tonic 페이셜 에센스 토닉 ( 6ml x 6 / 3000won)

This acts like an ice pack. Comes in 6 packs of 6ml. Sprinkle onto face and it will immediately sooth and moisturize face.



2) Skinfood Facial Ice Vita Mist 페이셜 아이스 비타 미스트 ( 100ml / 8500 won)

A spray mist which cools down the skin. Whenever skin feels hot,dry and suffocated, immediately spray onto face!



3) Skinfood Facial Ice Vita Cooling Stick 페이셜 아이스 비타 쿨링 스틱은  ( 12g / 8000won)

Cooling stick for the dry and tired eyes.



4) Skinfood Facial Water Vita A / B / C 페이셜 워터 비타 토탈

This is an essence and emulsion combined together and it comes in three versions – Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Pick one according to your needs!


ECOpure releases organic bb cream–the moisture fore bb cream spf30





Danahan’s naturalism sub-brand ECOPURE has released an organic BB Cream called the ECOPURE MOISTURE FORE BB Cream SPF30 다나한 에코퓨어 모이스춰 포레 비비크림.



This BB Cream contains 35% of natural ingredients and contains the extract from pine trees and 7 organic substances which are ECO-CERT certified ( Witch Hazel, Lavender, Chamomile, Rooibos, Argan, Green Tea, Aloe Vera). It is free from 7-harsh chemicals ( parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, animal ingredients, fragrances, chemical sunscreen ) making it suitable even for sensitive skin.



This BB Cream aims to improve skin elasticity while providing moisture retention.  It also contains a SPF of 30, PA ++. The BB Cream will be sold in a set together with the cleansing foam of the same line.


Shade :


image image


Dr. Jart releases 2 new products off men’s line






Dr. Jart will be releasing two new products off their men’s line called the Dr. Jart Active Fresh Soothing Gel 포 맨 액티브 프레쉬 수딩 젤 and the Dr. Jart Active Face & Shaving Foam 포 맨 액티브 페이스& 쉐이빙 폼



1. Dr. Jart Active Face & Shaving Foam 포 맨 액티브 페이스& 쉐이빙 폼



A dual funtional product which can be used as a daily cleanser or a shaving foam. Cleanses the pores deeply while minimizing friction during shaving to protect skin.


Combined with soothing herbal ingredients which helps control sebum secretion, and relief skin problems.




2. Dr. Jart Active Fresh Soothing Gel 포 맨 액티브 프레쉬 수딩 젤


This is also a multi-functional product which can be used as a toner, essence and emulsion. Provides a refreshing feeling to the skin while moisturizing it.


Strengthen your natural hair colour with Mise En Scene

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Proud of your black Asian hair and wanting to enchance it’s natural black colour? Tired of your dyed brown hair and wanting to make it look darker ? Amore Pacific’s hair care line , Mise En Secne, has released a foaming dye to enhance your hair’s natural black colour ( only for those with black hair ) . Meet the Mise En Scene Easy And Fast Dying Foam 쉽고 빠른 거품염색 2N / 3N / 4N.


This dying foam helps to enhance your natural hair colour ( black )  making it look more youthful and beautiful – and it is an express product – which means that it doesn’t need you to go through much hassle and time.


The products come with all the necessary tools :


Credits : Christine







They come in 3 different products ( 2N / 3N / 4N ) , so pick one according to your hair colour.



image   image



Here are the steps :





1. DO NOT apply foam directly on bare hands. Always use the gloves provided.

2. DO NOT apply foam directly on hair.


A.H.C releases Hydra B6 Soother






A.H.C will be releasing a soothing and whitening ampoule called the A.H.C Vital Medica Hydra B6 Soother 하이드라 B6 수더.



It is a soothing enhancer/ampoule which also functions as a whitening product. It contains a Phyto Vital Complex which helps soothe sensitive skin and calms skin which is over-exposed to UV Radiation.



The ampoule contains of course, Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine. Vitamin B6 is vital for the body and plays an important role in the metabolism of proteins, whilst also acting as a coenzyme in the metabolism of fats. However, deficiency of this vitamin can cause cosmetic problems such as hair loss and skin inflammation.



Birch sap extract and other botanical extracts provides deep moisture to the skin. The product is also free from artificial colouring, parabens, alcohol, and mineral oil.