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1st UV Detector Sunscreen product : Mizon Skin Protect System Multi UV Sun Block SPF 50 PA +++ May 27, 2011




Introducing the nation’s first UV Detector Sunscreen product : Mizon Skin Protect System Multi UV Sun Block SPF 50 PA+++.

The cap of the sunscreen changes from white to pink when UV light is detected!

The sunscreen contains maximum protection SPF 50 PA+++, uses hypoallergenic vegetable ingredients which do not irritate skin.

To purchase type 미즈온 멀티 UV 선블록


Vibrating Mascara… and now vibrating foundation? Introducing the face gallery digital foundation




O & has released a vibrating digital foundation called the Face Gallery Digital Foundation.

The foundation gadget is able to vibrate 5500 times per minute, blending the foundation into the skin with ease and flawlessness. All you need is 3 minutes to apply it to your whole face.

The gadget comes with 2 refills and 2 puffs.


To view more pictures and a video on how this gadget works, go here

To purchase, type 오토 패팅 파운데이션 on Gmarket.


Bee Venom Skincare, A.C Care releases BB Cream




We wrote an article regarding the release of bee venom skincare, A.C Care ‘s 1st Anniversary Limited Edition Water Essence Set ( article :here ). At the end of the article, we also did mention the release of a BB Cream and a Sunscreen.

We wrote an article on the new suncreen : here.


Now the BB Cream is out! Introducing the A.C Care Bee’s Venom Shield BB Cream SPF 35 PA ++ 에이씨케어 비즈 쉴드 비비 크림.

This BB Cream comes with a SPF of 35, PA ++. It also contains Bee Venom to help get rid of acne and rejuvenate the skin. Not only that, it contains honey and royal jelly extract to repair damage skin and moisturize the skin.


The BB Cream also contains camellia extracts and silk proteins to help control sebum secretion and provides a soft smooth coverage without irritating the skin.


Chosungah Luna Royal Marine Sparkling Kit a hit May 26, 2011


Chosungah Luna’s latest make-up collection called the Chosungah Luna Royal Marine line has been creating waves in Korea and a particular product from the line- called the Chosungah Luna Royal Marine Kit featured below :


It can be used as both an eye shadow and also a blusher


It also features a special tool :


This eyeshadow tool uniqueness is it’s ability to apply two colours on your eye lids.

For example (Credits : Web_in) :




( Credits : Lizykr )




To purchase, type  루나 로얄 마린 로얄 마린 키트


Innisfree releases limited edition items to celebrate environment month






Innisfree will be releasing two limited edition items to celebrate the Environment Month in June.

1. Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist 150ml / 11,000 won 그린티 미네랄 미스트


100% organic green tea . 10% of proceeds will be donated.

2. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum 160 ml / 29,000 더 그린티 씨드 세럼

2x the normal capacity ( 80ml ). Provides moisture to the skin, while green tea is an excellent antioxidant.


In addition, Innisfree will be giving away free Yoona (from SNSD) Handkerchiefs to customers who purchase above 10,000 wons on Innisfree items. The campaign is to encourage people to ‘use handkerchiefs instead of tissues’ to help save the environment. Signature of SNSD’s Yoona will also be printed on the handkerchiefs.


The Face Shop releases 5 sun care products



The Face Shop is releasing 5 new sun-care products which features natural organic ingredients from the Natural Sun line.

The natural organic sun-care line features Acai Berry, an excellent antioxidant, which helps prevent skin oxidation and UV photo aging. It also features herb extracts which calm skin irritation. Argan seed extracts is also included to improve skin’s elasticity.

The line is a multi-functional line : UV Protection, Whitening, and Anti-Wrinkle.

The 5 products from the Natural Sun line willl be :

1. The Face Shop Natural Sun Essence Sun Pact SPF 50+ PA+++ 선 AQ 에센스 선팩트

12g / 19,900 wons


2. The Face Shop Natural Sun Shaking Base Sun Milk SPF50+ PA+++ 선 AQ 쉐이킹 베이스 선

50ml / 22.900 wons


3. The Face Shop Natural Sun Oil Cut Sun Cream SPF 40 PA ++  선 AQ 오일-컷 선크림




4. The Face Shop Natural Sun Super White Sun Cream SPF 50 PA+++


5. The Face Shop Natural Sun Smart Multi Care Sun SPF 40 PA+++ 스마트 멀티케어 선



BRTC releases multi vital 10 system




It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new from BRTC, a brand that is known for their BB Creams.

BRTC will be releasing a line called the Multi Vital 10 System line which looks awfully like Dr Jart’s V7 Vitalaser line in terms of packaging and concept. Wait… hold on. It is exactly like the Dr Jart V7 line!

The 8 new products will be :

1. BRTC Vitalizer Laser Aid BB Cream 바이탈라이저 레이저 에이드 비비크림

Contains Vitamin A,B,C and six kinds of multi-vitamins ( but at a whooping 10% concentration ) to help brighten your skin tone and an anti-wrinkle product.

2. BRTC Vitalizer Laster Aid Sun Block ‘바이탈라이저 레이저 에이드 썬 블록

Contains SPF 50 PA+++. Keeps skin moist all day long and contains a 10% concentration of multivitamins

3. BRTC Vitalizer C-10 Ampoule 바이탈라이저 C 10 앰플

0030000000542 image



Contains 12% concentration of Vitamin C (10%) , B3 (2%) , A, B5, E and F (1%)




4. BRTC Vitalizer Fluid 바이탈라이저 플루이드










5. BRTC Bright Eye Vitalizer 브라이트 아이 바이탈라이저



Can be used on all skin parts and not eyes only.









6. BRTC Vitalizer White Soap 바이탈라이저 화이트 솝













7. BRTC Vitalizer White Gel 바이탈라이저 화이트 젤





10% Vitamin C concentration.





8. BRTC Vitalizer Cream 바이탈라이저 크림