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Gmarket Haul #20 May 31, 2011



Oh yes, new items to prepare ourselves for the summer for everyone here in Hope In A Blog!

1. Amore Pacific’s Hannule Gogyeol Soo Rich Effect Hydrating Cream

This is the new cream that came out last month form Hannule that has been receiving rave reviews!

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2. LG’s Sooryehan Soo Gel Cream

Of course, Sooryehan and Hannule are always competing head to head! Haha. Sooryehan also released a hydrating cream – there’s 2 versions : the gel cream and the normal cream. I gotta say this was absolutely a steal! Not only the cream is 60ml, but they included a 25ml cream too!! And of course, LG are always super generous with the free samples that come with it. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous too!

3) OHUI White Extreme Illuminating Base

We’ve been loving the White Extreme line lately, so we’re trying off other stuff from the line to see if it lives up to expectations too!

4) OHUI White Extreme Illuminating Blemish Balm

The packaging seems to be different from the make-up base. I was expecting that nice packaging of the illuminating base. Oh well, at least some freebies are included.

5) Tony Moly Premium Zen Oriental Mask

We’ve been hearing good stuff about this mask… and it was on promotion so why not? Smile 

6) IOPE Whitegen Whitening Line

Wanted to see how IOPE won all the major awards at the 2010 Korean Cosmetics Award, so we’ve been trying some of their stuff. This whitening line is so rich, so if you have oily and combination skin, don’t purchase this!

7) Hannule Gogyeol Mibaek Rich Effect Whitening Pact SPF50+ & Concealer SPF50+

Hannule is a really good brand by Amore Pacific that our blog has been trying to push^^. The packaging is lovely, and we can’t wait to test this out!

8) Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Ampoule

This came free with the hydrating gel cream we bought. It loooks like the real product doesn’t it? It’s just a 15ml sampleeee! Haha.

9) The History Of Whoo Seol Whitening Sun Pact SPF50+

Sigh…. take my breathe away. The History Of Whoo, gorgeous as always.

10) Re:NK Time Lab Energy and Re:nk Essential Moisture

A few of us have been enjoying the Re:NK Cell Luminous line, so we wanted to try other stuffs from the brand. I don’t know why they included the toner and emulsion from the moisture line when the Time Lab line has its own toner and emulsion too!

11) Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb, Belif The True Anti-Aging Essence, Belif De-Wrinkle Treatment Essence, Belif The True Whitening Essence

A few free samples given by LG. Can’t wait to try this line since we have only wrote about it but have never tried anything from this line ^^

12) Amore Pacific’s Hyosiah Whitening Line

Amore Pacific’s answer to LG’s Su:m 37. They recently released a whitening and cleaning line, so we can’t wait to see how it compares to Su:m37 !


21 Responses to “Gmarket Haul #20”

  1. emilie Says:

    bonjour peux tu me donner les liens pour c produits là ? ici ou par mail stp :)))
    merci par avance
    – Hannule Gogyeol Mibaek Rich Effect Whitening Pact SPF50+ & Concealer SPF50+
    – The History Of Whoo Seol Whitening Sun Pact SPF50+

  2. Ing Says:

    The packagings are looking good. You need to teach me how to get these stuffs from g-market ^^

  3. mel Says:

    hi hopeinablog!

    what an exciting haul! who did you purchase the hannule hydrating cream from? and how do you know when a line is having a promotion? also, you guys seem to buy a lot of sets as opposed to individual items (or am i mistaken and the packaging is just luxurious and includes the freebies inside?) ive been searching gmarket using specific item names as the keywords. how do you recommend searching for sets?

  4. kooslee Says:

    Hi, who did you buy the whitening sun pact from? The packaging is gorgeous. Will you please give me the link to LG official gmarket store? Have you ever try ReEn hair loss shampoo or Ryoe shampoo? I am contemplating to try herbal shampoo for my oily thin hair, but can’t find any info on them. I learned from your blog that Ryoe won an award last year.

  5. emilie Says:

    ils offrent de beaux cadeaux avec plusieurs achats ? :O

  6. kooslee Says:

    Have you used Lg ReEn or Ryoe shampoo before?

      • Kev Jang Says:

        Koslee, I have used both before. What do you want to know about the shampoos?

    • Kev Jang Says:

      Koslee, about Ryoe and LG Re-En, they both are pretty good shampoos. The texture and feel of the hair after washing is slightly different though. I am basing this on the purple coloured container for the shampoo brand Ryoe, meant for oily sensitive scalps and to minimize hair loss, and the blue coloured container for the shampoo brand of Lg Re-En. I feel that both shampoos are good, and have a herbal scent(Ryoe smells like it has some ginseng in it which is stronger, while for Re-En, it is a heavier lotus flower scent). My hair felt lighter and softer after using either, but Ryoe generates way more foam, so if you have very oily hair, Ryoe is for you. On the other hand, LG Re-En is way more moisturizing in the feel, and I can say that I can afford to use less conditioner after Re-En. Re-En’s main ingredient other than the herbal ones are human oligopeptide, which has some dermatological function as a growth factor for use on damaged skin, but I will reserve it for another response. You should try out either one first on yourself to know if it works, and also ascertain the color coding for yourself so that you do not get the wrong bottle. What is your hair and scalp type?

      • kooslee Says:

        I have oily,thin hair. I have order the Ryoe’s brown. I believe that is anti hair lose shampoo. There are so many types, it is hard to know if I order the right on.e Thank you Kev for the info. 😉

      • Kev Jang Says:

        Actually the whole Ryoe brand is for anti-hairloss purposes. You should get something more suitable for the type of hair you have and your scalp. The brown bottle is meant for dry hair more than oily hair. Stick to the purple one. But you might want to try out the brown one first for a week to see if it helps to improve your oily hair condition. I might be wrong here.

  7. Kooslee Says:

    This is unrelated to skincare, but I am getting ready for my next gmarket haul. I would love to get a nice zipper hoodie with accented bear ear for the winter in North America, but I don’t know the korean words to search for that. Would you please help me? Darn Korean dramas, got me love this hoodie so much. Thank you very much.

  8. Sasha Says:

    Gorgeous haul. I can’t believe how beautiful are the pacts *O*

  9. Kev Jang Says:

    @ Hope, what is the texture of the Tony Moly Oriental mask like? It looks like it’s some form of cream mask packaged to be squeezed out from some pump container bottle.

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