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More ElishaCoy promotions May 27, 2011


We brought you a fantastic deal last week on ElishaCoy’s Snail Cream which was on 50% off. Now we have even more offers from Elishacoy for you guys.

It’s only limited time… so don’t miss it.

1. Buy 1 Free 1 ElishaCoy Milk Cacao Black Sugar Scrub

It’s very much like the infamous Skinfood Black Sugar Mask! Love the scent of this….makes you hungry. Hehe ^^

2. ElishaCoy Clean Pores Set

This set is on 55% off. Only 39,000 for 3 full size products !!! The serum only costs 39,000 wons already!

3. ElishaCoy Water Drop Sun Cream SPF 33

A new suncream from Elishacoy at 30% off !

4. ElishaCoy Whitening Set

The Whitening Set which consists of 4 products – toner, essence, eye cream, and cream at 50% off!

Remember to type ‘Recommended by’ to receive more samples and freebies at the comments section when placing the order!

Ingredient List if anyone’s interested :

















5 Responses to “More ElishaCoy promotions”

  1. wazaka Says:

    tres interessant , mais dans quelle boutique, pas g market !!!!!

  2. wazaka Says:

    Même en étant un super man, mister colour tu ne peux pas tout consommer, est ce que tu revends tes produits et si oui : où??????

  3. Kev Jang Says:

    I noticed mineral oil inside the list of ingredients inside the mask. If a mask is meant to be purifying or clarifying, doesn’t the inclusion of mineral oil–an occlusive agent–defeat the purpose? Then again, that ingredient has a moisturizing function to a certain degree, by leaving a layer to retain moisture on the skin, so that might also be why they included it.

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